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another adventure with

by nabewise

We Who Travel

this is just like a look that I've like seen on Instagram but like never knew where to shop hey guys it's michelle ready for another adventure with and

this week I am going to Detroit to check out the fashion scene with fashionista and style icon Rachel Wynne of that's chic Rachel is so chic so OnPoint looks fly on all of her Instagram photos and she's gonna help me elevate my look to the next level seriously I need the help let's go see what she has in store

I wanted to make sure we were in the middle of all our shopping so I used in map feature on the app and I landed on the Detroit Foundation Hotel

I'm really excited to book this next day because it means I'm gonna have two more nights towards my free stay I think you're really gonna like this hotel it actually used to be an old fire station Detroit is super up-and-coming they're even calling it like the new Detroit

so I thought we could go hit up some thrift shops I would love that yeah we can probably get some funky outfits took a little mo Tony first off we're gonna check out borrow a trendy consignment shop with an eclectic collection everything here is so hip please tell me about these shoes and how come no one has bought them all I don't know they're funky 70s meets Victorian new favorite shoes what do you think of this oh they'll be really really cute on you though okay

oh wait this is a great shot thank you I see you Michelle I see you all right so we're going to Detroit is the new black it's like a concept store there's like art and a coffee shop I'm excited a rich story style is all about confidence it's about how you carry yourself this way I like that way so come look at this art whoa trippy I've never seen art and a fitting room was kind of cool what do you think very cold like Detroit meets LA this is just like a look that I've like seen on Instagram but like never knew where to shop oh I love this look I really like this too

I think it's my favorite outfit of yours a sophisticated take on like overalls almost thank you for picking this out Murray how did you come up with this concept so I started a t-shirt line about three years ago and it really just developed into this hyperlocal experiential retail space we incubate local designers and hardest local small business all in the same space it's vibey in Detroit as a supervised City catch the sunset at Belle Isle let's do it did you have a favorite store though we went to yeah I really liked borrow only because I just love finding that gem and confinement I really like Detroit is the new black I've seen it all over Instagram and it was cool to like get my own and finally yes look at the goose multiple thanks to hotels calm so much for supporting my passion for travel and my new friend Rachel for helping me pick out a new outfit next stop New Mexico but until then we're going to insane coupon