Brighton Park

Brighton Park

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Although quite centrally located, this south side nabe offers residential amenities typically reserved for suburban sprawl. Homes come with yards (small, but room for a garden), and super-convenient private garages (peace out, parking issues). Real estate ranges from small bungalows to ranches and two-story homes. Brighton Park’s known as a secret hotspot for mouthwatering cuisine. Don’t be fooled by the storefronts—they’re only boring because owners have been putting all their TLC into the food. Along with easy access to downtown and Midway International Airport, Brighton Park residents also enjoy parks ideal for recreation and community events.

Brighton Park, Chicago Data : Neighborhoods & Travel – Score out of 100


Ethnic 75
Quiet 69
Dining 69
Public Transportation 63
Parking 63


Nightlife 44
Shopping 44
Empty nesters 39
Singles 33
Income 8

Brighton Park, Chicago Reviews

Brighton Park

A working-class neighborhood full of quaint brick two-flats and small factories, Brighton Park is mostly Mexican-American these days. Archer Avenue is the neighborhood’s backbone, and it’s host to a number of classic diners and excellent Mexican restaurants. Public transit is pretty good, with the Orange Line running along the edge of the neighborhood.

My favorite attraction in Brighton Park is the Crawford Steel Company, who have given permission to graffiti artists to use the walls of their factory. The result is an ever-changing, hundred-yard-long mural where the artists can hone their skills and compete with one another without worrying about Mayor Daley’s Graffiti Blasters.

Ellis C.


Brighton Park is nestled along the Stevenson about halfway between the Loop and Midway. There is a bit of visible economic strain from the past several decades but this is a good place for familes with several parks. Wherever immigrants congregate of course, they usually bring their excellent food.



Good and Bad in Brighton Park

Cool stuff:

1. Families
Brighton Park has tons of small parks within its borders with great play structures, making it an awesome for raising young kids that want some variety

2. Food
Brighton Park has a stellar reputation for tasty mexican restaurants with a price tag we can all afford, but this neighborhood also has stellar grocery stores that make home cooking even easier, especially when it comes to meat. Butchers here have great selections of fresh meat and hard-to-find animal parts.

One bummer:
1. Auto Loud
One of Brighton Park’s borderlines is the Stevenson highway. If you’re looking for a home here, keep this in mind, as noise pollution from cars rushing by is no fun.

Vickie W.