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from Manhattan Beach to Malibu Los Angeles beach towns are Southern California living at its best and our

top 5 list kicks off with Manhattan

Beach on any given day you'll find

locals along Manhattan Beach Pier

watching the big surf rolling keep your

shoes at home bring your slippers get on

the beach cruiser park the car stay west

stay with

this is Fisherman's Village in Marina

del Rey it's only four miles from Los

Angeles Airport and right next door to

Venice Beach everybody that works here

is really friendly everybody is very

much about helping each other everybody

talks to each other exits off to Venice

Beach to meet up with travel bloggers

and California native Kirsten rich

Venice is a lot more than Muscle Beach

we're on Abbot Kinney which is the most

popular street for shopping cafes


and Muscle Beach where's that the muscle

because just down that way

so we made it to the end of the famous

route 66 which just so happens to be the

Santa Monica Pier I love it

very typical California Pier we've got

our fine souvenir shops some good food

the roller coaster it looks like a lot

of fun

Zuma Beach is quite possibly one of the

chillest Beach scenes you will discover

in Los Angeles

Zuma Beach is also the perfect place to

take in the west coast