checkout process on





so the purpose of this video is going to be to walk you through a traditional checkout process on and then to demonstrate a quicker checkout process offered by the new extensions from psycho let's calm so if

we look at the traditional check out method you visit you select your color size I'm going to go with a medium pink jacket and then you click the Add to Cart button this takes you to a new page where you select a shipping method and proceed to checkout sticks detail final page where you confirm your password assuming you already logged in and submit your order

I'm just going to clean out my cart here really quick and I will demonstrate the new extension so the way the new extension does it is you pop it open you

see a listing of all your sizes I'm going to go with the medium pink again and once you click that size it automatically adds the item to your carts likes to keep the shipping option and takes you right to the confirmation page where you type in your password and check out so as you can see it cuts out a number of steps should make check out

significantly faster especially for those dollar deals I know I've been coming up quite a bit lately just to confirm we can look down the cheapest shipping option has been selected it will also select combined shipping if something is already in your cart or you've purchased something in the last couple days I should say and here we can see that the item is in fact added to the cart