Get Discount Code Norton security product

Get Discount Code Norton security product



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Welcome to Norton Support. In this video you will learn how to download and use the Norton Remove and Reinstall tool.

This tool helps you fix the technical issues with your Norton Security product by uninstalling the product

from your computer and installing the latest version. You can use this tool only on Windows computers.

Now, let's see how to download and run this tool. First, open your browser and go to “”.

If you are using Internet Explorer, in the file download alert, Click “Save”.

In case you are using a different browser, such as Chrome, Firefox or Safari, the file is downloaded to the default download location. As shown here, your browser will help you locate the downloaded file. When the file is downloaded, just execute it. In the file download alert, click “Run”.

If the User Account Control window appears, click “Yes”. Read the User License Agreement and then click “Agree”. Click the “Remove and Reinstall” button. Click “Continue” to install the latest version of your

Norton security product.

Now, the tool begins to download the latest version of the product. Once downloaded, it begins to uninstall your existing product. To complete the uninstallation process, click “Restart Now”. Once your system has restarted, the installation should begin automatically. If the User Account Control window appears click “Yes”. Click the “Agree and Install” button.

The installation is in progress. There you go Your Norton product is active and your computer is protected. Thanks for watching. If you are unable to uninstall your product using Norton Remove and Reinstall Tool, you can alternatively use the Norton Removal Tool. To download this tool,

go to “