Steep and Cheap alerts




sign up for sac alerts today psych alerts notifies you instantly through text message or email when gear you want is listed on simply create an account with a valid email address and login to configure your alert settings on the settings page choose the alert delivery method text message email or text message and email

say your gender specific alerts preference in this case I will choose men gears only and set the time range when you wish to receive alerts all times are in pacific standard time so make sure you adjust accordingly this case I will receive alerts between 7am and 11 p.m. PST next head over to the keywords page to specify what words you want to be alerted of if they appear in the product title in this case I'm going to be looking for a tent first I'm going to add a keyword select the appropriate a website from the drop-down menu steep and cheap and now i'm going to type in my desired keyword use the autosuggest feature to help you see what keywords have appeared in product titles in the
past and always remember to save your changes and we can see that my keyword asset if there's a specific product you have missed in the past use the wishlist feature instead this feature allows you to view items listed on in the previous 24 hours and check mark any items you want to be alerted of if they should become relisted a majority of items listed on are listed within 24 hours in this case i'll pick these oakley sunglasses and will receive an alert next time they appear on when an item appearing on your wish list or containing one of your keywords is listed you will receive an alert via email and/or text message instantly we are always working on innovative ways to save you time and frustration while shopping on we hope you find our service useful and I recommend us to your friends enjoy