Convention Center District

Convention Center District

Located in the southern half of Downtown, the Convention Center District is one of the main destinations for the city's business tourists. Nearby Pioneer Park also draws a fair amount of traffic to the area and offers an interesting glimpse into the city's role in early Texas history.

Convention Center District Data

  • Public Transportation 5.0
  • Clean 5.0
  • Parking 5.0
  • Tourists 4.8
  • Wealthy* 4.3
Lowest Attributes
  • Green space 2.5
  • Shopping 2.5
  • Empty nesters 1.2
  • Families 0.3
  • Seniors 0.2

Convention Center District reviews

Meredith L.

Just A Convention Center

The only reason you would visit this nabe is for an event at the convention center. Or to check out the rad new Omni Convention Center Hotel. Other than that, it’s an area where you can walk around the whole nabe in about 15 minutes.

What's awesome

Massive Dallas Convention Center and the prestigious Omni Convention Center Hotel

What's not so awesome

Not a place to live – no apartments, lofts, or houses.


Samuel A.


Pioneer Park is here, and is a neat thing to visit if you’re only in town for a little while. But most people don’t come here unless they’re in Dallas for a convention.


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