Coppell is as suburban as it gets. This nabe is located far beyond the actual city of Dallas, and many consider it to be the metro's northwestern border. Coppell's proximity to DFW airport makes it a perfect nabe for those who travel, but the area also offers quiet streets and comfortable neighborhoods. Although it's a bit of a far drive from Dallas proper, Coppell offers plenty of rest and relaxation for the weary urban worker.

Coppell Data

Top Attributes
  • Safety 9.4
  • Parking 8.1
  • Clean 7.8
  • Pet friendly 7.8
  • Quiet 7.8
Lowest Attributes
  • Nightlife 5.0
  • Dining 3.3
  • Shopping 3.3
  • Singles 2.5
  • Public Transportation 1.9

top Coppell Review

Krista Q.

Quiet Suburb

Basically filled with subdivisions, split up by shopping centers and large busy streets. A car is completely necessary, as it’s a difficult town for a pedestrian, the summers are sweltering, and there is no public transportation. Coppell does have an extensive park with trails, lakes and playing fields running through it, which is wonderful when the weather is nice. Mostly Coppell is a place for families, since the school system is one of the best. Not so great for nightlife or entertainment.. no bars/theaters/hang out spots. Unless you go to surrounding areas.

What's awesome

Schools, Parks

What's not so awesome

nightlife, entertainment, transportation, arts/culture

Paige T.

Houses and fields

Coppell is a sprawling suburban town, with sweeping Texas views and a lot of open fields. Residential pockets are filled with families and spacious houses, while other areas seem a little bit like the middle of nowhere. Most houses here are fairly new, built in the 80s and 90s. While they’re not that exciting to look at, these homes are perfect for large families (who have the money to spare).

Coppell may be a long way from the city, but it’s got some really cool recreation and shopping nearby. I imagine the local mall is a soccer mom’s dream: JC Penney, Bed Bath and Beyond, etc…plus Chuck E. Cheese and a movie theater to take the kids to. Beyond that lies the Grapevine Recreational Area, which is perfect for weekend hikes and outings. Although Coppell isn’t too terribly interesting, it’s got everything a suburban town needs, with a distinctly Southern vibe.

What's awesome

Close to lots of outdoor recreation, plenty of open space, newer homes

What's not so awesome

A little bland.

Samuel A.

Perfect!…for families.

With safe streets, excellent schools, and all the comfortable conventions of suburban life, Coppell makes for a family-oriented haven. The parks are plentiful and among Dallas’ best. It is, through and through, a white bread kind of neighborhood.Families are the rule of thumb, here – it is feasible to say that single-friendly apartments are few and far between in this nabe. Homes (and big ones, at that) are the rule of thumb here. That being said, incomes are more or less pretty high in this nabe – after all, there are homes to be paid for and children to be fed.

If pure comfort and peace is your thing, try Coppell.


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