Farmers Branch

Farmers Branch

Nestled in the northern part of the Dallas sprawl, Farmers Branch is a quiet suburb. Office parks and shopping centers line the main thoroughfares, separated by tree-lined streets and public parks. Three major highways run through here, making it something of a bedroom community for workers who trek to Dallas and Irving on weekdays. Farmers Branch offers its residents a fine dose of comfort and the familiar staples of suburban life.

Farmers Branch Data

  • Pet friendly 9.2
  • Parking 8.8
  • Seniors 8.1
  • Empty nesters 7.5
  • Families 7.5
Lowest Attributes
  • Nightlife 5.0
  • Clean 5.0
  • Public Transportation 5.0
  • Community 5.0
  • Singles 2.5

Farmers Branch Reviews

Steve R.

An All-American Town

Farmers Branch is a typical, all-American suburban town. This large city lies about 15 miles northwest of Downtown, not far by freeway, although there is also convenientDART service into the city.

Farmers Branch has most everything a large suburb needs: modest houses, schools (including a community college and bible school), large parks nearby, and a variety of amenities (however outdated they may look). This town is also home to many businesses and corporations; you may have seen them while passing by on the freeway. Though not the exciting place in the world, Farmers Branch provides a quiet, calm environment that’s suitable for both living and working.

What's awesome

Convenient suburb

What's not so awesome

Nothing too outstanding


Samuel A.

It's Farmer's Branch.

It’s a suburb.

It’s been controversial in the past few years because of legislation prohibiting landlord from leasing to illegal immigrants.

That’s about it.


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