Lake West

Lake West

Part of West Dallas, Lake West is a small collection of low rise apartments and public housing buildings that overlook gritty urban avenues. The construction of the Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge is bringing new attention to the area. New shops and residences are in this nabe's future, as well as a massive redevelopment of its border to the Trinity River. All things said, this nabe has a promising future.

Lake West Data

  • Quiet 7.5
  • Parking 6.7
  • Ethnic 6.3
  • Nightlife 5.0
  • Public Transportation 4.2
Lowest Attributes
  • Empty nesters 1.9
  • Seniors 1.3
  • Safety 0.8
  • Families 0.0
  • Income 0.0

Lake West Reviews

Paige T.

Kind of a ghost town

Lake West is currently undergoing renovation, which is good because it needs the work. This place isn’t necessarily bad (anymore), but it’s one of those lonely, forgotten nabes in a not-so-nice area. Residents are low income and housing is cheap. There are a lot of slightly ominous-looking apartments. There are also a lot of recently developed single family homes that are nice enough, but they all look the same. One cool thing is that there’s plenty of park space and a large lake…if only there were people there to visit them!

What's awesome

Cool parks, cheap

What's not so awesome

Still kinda sketchy, housing isn’t very appealing

Samuel A.


Lake West (and the rest of west Dallas) is a neighborhood attempting to pull itself up right now. Despite being densely populated, the area lacks basic services and can make for a very tough place to call home. However, the opening of the Hill Bridge in 2012 may bring new vitality into the area.



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