Little Forest Hills

Little Forest Hills


Austinites want to “Keep Austin Weird,” and residents of Little Forest Hills are adamant about their campaign to “Keep Little Forest Hills Funky.” By promoting this slogan, they hope to preserve the nabe’s historic homes (most built between 1920 and 1940) and prevent teardowns. With unique houses painted in bright green, yellow, and blue, this nabe attracts a creative blend of residents. The community also duplicates the slower pace of life found in nearbyCasa Linda.

Little Forest Hills, Dallas Data : Neighborhoods & Travel – Score out of 100


Empty nesters 83
Community 78
Safety 75
Quiet 75
Parking 75


Nightlife 50
Income 38
Dining 38
Public Transportation 38
Families 25

Little Forest Hills, Dallas Reviews


Little Forest Hills has received considerable attention in the past few years for its efforts at maintaining the character of the neighborhood against the tide of McMansions that Dallas is often criticized for. “Funky” is most certainly an appropriate adjective for this nabe. The houses are brightly painted and the people are spirited. The architecture of this nabe is an eclectic mix of 1940s postwar and 50s ranch style. Little Forest Hills, all in all, is a nabe with sass and character. Dean B.


Boo for new development!

Residents of Little Forest Hills oppose new construction and modernization, and with good reason. The houses in this nabe may be small, but they’re bursting with personality. Little Forest Hills is home to lots of artists and creative people, which explains the funky lawn art and colorful houses! This nabe has an awesome community and an ideal location, right next to White Rock Lake, the Botanical Gardens, and cool amenities on Garland. It’s one of those places you never have to leave if you don’t want to!
What's awesome
Great community, fun houses, awesome location!
What's not so awesome
A little pricey Paige T.


Keepin' It Funky

How cool is it that this nabe has their very own slogan. For a snippet of Austin, check out this nabe. They want to preserve older, historic homes with their slogan to Keep Little Forest Hills. No new McMansions here!! It’s also rad because somehow it has turned into a little nabe for artists. Little workshops and art studios can be found in the homes of this nabe.
What's awesome
Artists of all kinds, Neighborhood Pride Meredith L.


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