With older homes, an eclectic mix of people, and large plots of green grass here and there, Mesquite is a refreshing break from the flashy life commonly found in the Dallas suburbs: no gated communities or upscale shopping centers here! Instead, Mesquite offers a nice selection of chain restaurants and shops. With numerous highways running through this nabe, Mesquite is also home to Eastfield Community College and Texas A&M; University-Commerce. Filled with hospitable residents living in modest homes, Mesquite has a similar vibe to Garland.

Top Attributes
  • Parking 8.3
  • Safety 8.3
  • Empty nesters 8.3
  • Families 7.5
  • Pet friendly 7.5
Lowest Attributes
  • Shopping 5.0
  • Quiet 5.0
  • Clean 5.0
  • Public Transportation 3.8
  • Singles 3.3

Mesquite Reviews

Meredith L

When I think of Mesquite, the first thing that pops in my head is their Texas accents. Even though its about a 30 minute drive from Dallas, the feel is totally different. And so are the people. I picture a Mesquite girl with chunky blond highlights in their teased hair and big jewelry. Then a Mesquite guy with jelled spike-y hair wearing a hollister shirt. Not at all bad, just different.

Mesquite really is a great area for family wanting affordable housing. They families have a lot of school pride and a tight-knit community. Sometimes its a nice change from flashy Dallas!

What's awesome

Affordable housing, more green space, community pride

What's not so awesome

Can be viewed as more country hick-ish than Dallas.




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