Dallas Texas

Dallas Texas

Dallas MetroDallas is a sprawling urban/suburban wonderland in northeast Texas. Well known for its amazing contributions to the culinary landscape, like the frozen margarita, this is truly a foodie town. Dallas is also home to a burgeoning and awesome art and music scene. Nabes like Deep Ellum are historically known for their contributions to culture, while newer nabes like The Cedars and Bishop Arts District are beginning to make waves. Despite a dense urban core, Dallas sprawls in every direction making car ownership almost required.

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  • Highland Park

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    Highland Park is simply immaculate. With pristinely maintained homes and the lush sprawl of nearby Southern Methodist University, this area of Dallas ranks among the city's most picturesque. A bevy of local shops and restaurants combined with easy access to downtown make this nabe unparalleled in convenience. For both

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  • Lower Greenville

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    Although Dallas has recently garnered some extra hipness, Lower Greenville has always been one of the cooler parts of the city. Within its borders lies one of the area’s best vintage clothing stores, as well as numerous bars and restaurants that can satisfy the most eclectic of tastes. Anchoring

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  • North Dallas

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    North Dallas is a sprawling area consisting of eight different nabes–each one paints a clear picture of the luxurious life you’ll find in this area. From Preston Hollow to Greenway Parks to Bluffview, you’ll see an array of big cars, spacious houses, and upscale shopping centers. North Dallas is

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  • Swiss Avenue

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    Named for the famous street that holds numerous historical homes, Swiss Avenue is one of Dallas’ most prominent nabes. The phrase “everything’s bigger in Texas” must be referring to Swiss Avenue, because it’s a straight shoot down an eclectic row of estates on some of the largest lots in

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  • West Village

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    “Village” is an apt name for this nabe: West Village is easy on the eyes and gentle in spirit. Tree-lined streets are dotted with cafes, trendy restaurants, and chic retailers with loft apartments above. The hustle and bustle of downtown is close by, but locals have truly embraced the

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  • Ridgewood Park

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    Ridgewood Park is a quiet nabe full of one-story houses built in the 1970’s. Just west of White Rock Lake, east of Highland Park, and north of Lakewood, this area offers a quick commute to great shopping, scenic views, and superb dining. Humble homes and a slower pace of

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  • Lakewood Heights

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    Nestled in between Lower Greenville and Lakewood, Lakewood Heights is a nabe filled with tight-knit residents. Whatever your interests may be—whether it’s chatting with neighbors at a pool party or discussing the latest idea to improve the nabe’s Tietze Park—this community offers an event to suit each resident’s hobby. Lakewood …

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  • Lakewood

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    As one of the nabes bordering White Rock Lake, the neighborhood of Lakewood has a reputation for luxury, prestige, and character that simply can't be beat. The restored Lakewood Theater is the centerpiece of this nabe, and around it is a constellation of bars and restaurants populated by fascinating locals. …

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  • Oak Cliff

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    One of Dallas' oldest nabes, Oak Cliff features a variety of sights and sounds found nowhere else in the city. From industrial avenues to stately boulevards, from low-rise apartments to impressive estates, Oak Cliff has it all. Despite struggling with a reputation for grit, the neighborhood has been steadily improving …

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  • Devonshire

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    Devonshire is a small pocket neighborhood in the Park Cities area. With hush residential streets populated by massive modern homes, the area feels pleasantly secluded despite its location in the bustle of North Dallas. Nearby shopping centers offer charming local restaurants and an abundance of parks make this neighborhood ideal …

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  • Mesquite

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    With older homes, an eclectic mix of people, and large plots of green grass here and there, Mesquite is a refreshing break from the flashy life commonly found in the Dallas suburbs: no gated communities or upscale shopping centers here! Instead, Mesquite offers a nice selection of chain restaurants and …

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  • Lake West

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    Part of West Dallas, Lake West is a small collection of low rise apartments and public housing buildings that overlook gritty urban avenues. The construction of the Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge is bringing new attention to the area. New shops and residences are in this nabe's future, as well as …

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  • Farmers Branch

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    Nestled in the northern part of the Dallas sprawl, Farmers Branch is a quiet suburb. Office parks and shopping centers line the main thoroughfares, separated by tree-lined streets and public parks. Three major highways run through here, making it something of a bedroom community for workers who trek to Dallas …

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  • Convention Center District

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    Located in the southern half of Downtown, the Convention Center District is one of the main destinations for the city's business tourists. Nearby Pioneer Park also draws a fair amount of traffic to the area and offers an interesting glimpse into the city's role in early Texas history.

    Convention Center
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  • Bishop Arts District

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    Just two blocks wide, the Bishop Art District is a small pocket in Oak Cliff that offers the finest in Dallas eclectic charm. Café culture and warehouse-turned-vintage shops are the order of the day, and giant wall-sized murals give the streets a gleefully bohemian feel. The residents and visitors of …

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  • Carrollton

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    Carrollton is a separate city from Dallas in both government and charm. Carrollton hosts a town square with local shops that help preserve the small town feel here. A newly opened DART train station makes this nabe one of the very best suburbs for public transportation, with rides to both

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  • Balch Springs

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    Located at the eastern border of the Dallas metro, Balch Springs has something of a “country” vibe to it. The area is comprised of mostly older homes that sit on half-acre (or larger) lots. LBJ Freeway is the town's main thoroughfare, in addition to numerous county and farmer's market roads. …

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  • Lochwood

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    Bordered by Old Lake Highlands and Lake Highlands, Lochwood is a delightful nabe nestled in East Dallas. With a plethora of vines, creeks, and mature trees, this nabe is perfect for nature walks or leisurely bike rides. For the adventurous at heart, the winding creek serves as an ideal spot …

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  • Coppell

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    Coppell is as suburban as it gets. This nabe is located far beyond the actual city of Dallas, and many consider it to be the metro's northwestern border. Coppell's proximity to DFW airport makes it a perfect nabe for those who travel, but the area also offers quiet streets and …

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  • Downtown

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    This is it–this is Dallas. Downtown has been booming over the last decade. New high rises are abundant, and cultural life has been revived through the opening of the Performing Arts Center. The American Airlines Center is just around the corner, and a Mavs game is sure to fill the …

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  • Lake Cliff

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    An oasis in Oak Cliff's concrete spread, Lake Cliff offers a remarkable glimpse into historic Dallas. The area's eponymous park was initially constructed in 1906, making it one of the city's oldest recreational spots. This nabe's focus point is the Lake Cliff Tower, which was recently converted into high rise …

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  • Irving

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    The commuters who fill Dallas' freeways each morning are likely headed towards Irving. Home to numerous large companies and the University of Dallas, Irving takes up a massive portion of the Dallas metro area. This nabe contains a mix of high rises, suburban smatterings, and the occasional wide-open lot. New …

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  • Government District

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    The streets of the Goverment District rumble with the traffic of municipal business by day, but are quiet come sundown. Filled with a mix of big government buildings, this nabe has a strong professional vibe. If you find yourself working for the city, or just desiring a quieter slice of …

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  • Fair Park

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    Filled with Art Deco pillars and wide open esplanades, Fair Park represents the Dallas of years' past. In October, the area bustles and booms with the delights of the Texas State Fair, and the Dallas Music Hall ensures a steady flow of visitors year-round. Since Fair Park hasn't been hit …

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  • Garland

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    Garland is simply huge. It's one of the largest towns in the Dallas metro area, and contains everything you might find in the city proper: entertainment venues, cultural attractions, universities and a central business district. Garland may not offer the same level of cultural appeal or glitz that Dallas does, …

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  • Cedars

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    Just south of Downtown, this cluster of retrofitted warehouses is jam-packed with loft apartments, bars and restaurants. The nearby Palladium Ballroom brings regular traffic to the area for concerts and special events on top of the area's usual nightlife crowd. Cedars has its own stop on the DART rail, making …

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  • Arlington

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    Home to both the Texas Rangers and Dallas Cowboys, Arlington is a mecca for sporting events and large-scale entertainment. With a year-round sports schedule and frequent events at the University of Texas at Arlington, residents of this sprawling town are never at a loss for things to do! Dining and …

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  • East Dallas

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    East Dallas is a major region of Dallas—it contains a whopping 26 nabes! Ever since folks started settling here in the 1960’s, this area has played a large role in the history of Dallas. Although the residents of East Dallas are not quite as flashy as North Dallas, they still …

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  • Grand Prairie

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    Located far from the center of Dallas, Grand Prairie is home to wooded suburbs and a quaint historic downtown. Many residents of the Dallas metro area associate Grand Prairie with the Nokia Theater music venue and Lone Star horse track–both bring a fair amount of traffic to the area on …

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