Preston Hollow

Preston Hollow


Drive through Preston Hollow and you will see an array of pristine houses on huge lots with either a squeaky clean Lexus, BMW, or Mercedes outside. This is an older nabe where teardowns have been transformed into handsome new homes. One particularly charming attribute of this nabe is the sidewalk-less streets that line the perfectly manicured lawns. If you’re looking to live next door to a Big Whig in Dallas, then Preston Hollow's the nabe for you.

Preston Hollow, Dallas Data : Neighborhoods & Travel – Score out of 100


Safety 99
Empty nesters 97
Clean 94
Pet friendly 91
Green space 88


Shopping 63
Community 63
Nightlife 50
Public Transportation 25
Singles 13


Enemy at the Gate(d Community)

Haha! But really.

A haven for the elite, some of the largest homes in Dallas can be found in Preston Hollow. Some of the nicest cars, as well. Wealth is a fact of life here.

Private schools and a bevy of affluent churches fill Preston Hollow with a largely conservative crowd. Sunday mornings can make traffic precarious as worshipers stream from their large houses to their larger houses of God. A friendly if blasé atmosphere permeates Preston Hollow. People will say hello, but only disinterestedly.

Oh yeah, and George W Bush lives here.

Samuel A.


Where CEOs and presidents live

Preston Hollow is famous for being home to some of the wealthiest people in Texas. While there are some average single family houses here, you’re more likely to choose this nabe for its luxurious mansions and multiple-acre lots. This is a place for the all-American family who happen to have tons of money (the Bush family, for example).

Within this nabe’s borders are several highly ranked schools (LOTS of private schools), as well as churches, parks, and a swimming pool. People here like to interact and meet up with each other, but at the end of the day, everyone retreats to their gorgeous estates for a perfectly cooked dinner and an evening of family bonding.

What's awesome

Good schools, local (fancy) amenities, family-focused

What's not so awesome

Super expensive, exclusive

Paige T.


Big & Beautiful

Preston Hollow is luxury. Big and spacious homes, beautiful residents, and pristine lawns. It is the place that George W. Bush chose to live – so it’s gotta be nice!

This is the kinda nabe where every house has a maid and a lawn care service. And the families children all go to private schools. Residents are busy living the high life with plenty of time for exercise classes, shopping, dining with friends, church activities, and PTA meetings.

What's awesome

It’s all gorgeous! Just like any other suburban nabe in Dallas, it has great shopping and restaurants.

Meredith L.


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