Swiss Avenue

Swiss Avenue


Named for the famous street that holds numerous historical homes, Swiss Avenue is one of Dallas’ most prominent nabes. The phrase “everything’s bigger in Texas” must be referring to Swiss Avenue, because it’s a straight shoot down an eclectic row of estates on some of the largest lots in the city. Each home has its own personality, with styles ranging from Mediterranean to English Tudor to Italian Renaissance. The eclectic vibe from nearbyLakewood spills over into Swiss Avenue, creating an enchanting community. However, it's the rich history, tranquility, and charm that truly attract this nabe's delightful residents.

Swiss Avenue Data : Neighborhoods & Travel – Score out of 100


Quiet 83
Clean 83
Safety 67
Community 63
Empty nesters 58


Public Transportation 33
Singles 22
Singles 17
Shopping 17
Dining 17

Swiss Avenue Reviews

Steve R.

A lesson in architecture

Located in East Dallas among several historic neighborhoods, Swiss Avenue is the most grand of them all. The nabe is basically a 2.5 mile-long stretch consisting of 200 immaculately kept historic estates.

To outsiders, Swiss Avenue basically looks like a gallery of 19th and 20th century architecture: Georgian, Mediterranean, Craftsman, Colonial Revival, and Tudor are just a few examples. Sprawling landscaped front yards give an added sense of elegance.

Most people who live here have been in their respective homes for decades. Chances of finding an available home (and then being able to afford it) are slim. Instead, you could opt to be one of the residents who lives in the surrounding areas and comes every once in a while to “sightsee.”

What's awesome

Incredible architecture and preserved historic homes

What's not so awesome

Expensive, exclusive


Meredith L.

Old Money Elegance

Swiss Avenue is absolutely elegant. Each mansion that lines this famous street is its own work of art. They all have their own personality. Personalities that reflect the eclectic taste of the residents.

One trait that seems to be consistent with each homeowner is their old money. It’s generally older, affluent people that live in these homes. Dig a little deeper and you’ll find the quirky traits that some residents possess. For example, one person has a chicken coop in his back yard!

What's awesome

Magnificent homes that look like they are straight from a magazine.
HUGE lots.
Lots of personality with numerous styles of homes.



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