Home to University of Denver, regal brick structures and sprawling campus lawns comprise much of this student-centric nabe. University boasts the classic accouterments to campus living— cozy cafes perfect for unending study sessions and lively bars likely to host karaoke nights and loud crowds. Besides housing copious collegians, University is also home to scholastic-minded individuals living along the nabe’s outer bounds in quaint, comely cottages. When residents choose to leave campus behind, nearby Washington Park tantalizes with its trendy shops and tasty eats.

University Data
  • Singles
  • Nightlife
  • Community
  • Dining
  • Safety
Lowest Attributes
  • Empty nesters
  • Seniors
  • Income
  • Families
  • Parking

University Map and NabeSpots

Okay, University is cool just by nature of the fact that it was home to the first Chipotle. I’ll let that sink in. The. First. Chipotle. It’s appropriate considering University is also home to the University of Denver. Who appreciates burritos more than hoards of hungry college students? University is primarily inhabited by these aforementioned students, whether in individual apartments or student housing. It’s young, fun, and energetic, playing host to late night ragers and sobby college girl fests (The Notebook, anyone?). If you’re lucky, you might catch some of this youthful glow yourself!

What's awesome

cafes, home of the first chipotle, vibe

What's not so awesome

so many college students

Lauren D.


Ecclectic College Town in the Big City

The University of Denver is one of those prestigious private colleges that offers a world-class education and the campus and surrounding neighborhood reflect that. The lush landscape and rambling sorority and fraternity houses draw you in and the bizarre mix of restaurants taunt you to try new things. Concerts, hockey games, graduations, and weddings all take place within steps of eachother.
The houses themselves are cute. The neighbors are friendly and willing to lend a hand. Yards are generally well cared for and it’s an easy walk to the campus for events or school… and restaurants and bars for a sense of adventure.
The drawbacks. If you aren’t a student or within that age-range it can be… overwhelming and frustrating. Traffic can be a nightmare especially when there is an even going on. Parking? Even worse during the events than it normally is.

What's awesome

Great restaurants, lots of space

What's not so awesome

Parking, traffic, parties at all hours

Niki G.


University {of Denver}

The amply-named University nabe features sprawling green lawns and brick buildings that make up the University of Denver (DU) campus. This nabe has the feel of a decent size college town (DU is a large, private college containing around 16,000 students) within the city and is very much a self-contained community. Located within an upscale, somewhat older area of Denver, student life keeps this area bustling at all hours of the day and, without a doubt, greatly influences the surrounding residential area.

Due to a large student population of both graduate and undergraduate distinction, this nabe caters to their needs by providing a heavy sprinkling of affordable housing, popular chain eateries and bars. As you move further away from campus, cottage style housing can be found and may suit those desiring a quieter lifestyle.

What's awesome

educated, tight-knit community

What's not so awesome

feels like a college town

Christine S.


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