Five Corners , NJ

by nabewise


Five Corners, a nabe in the north of Journal Square, is the seat of Hudson County. Its vibe is dominated by a stately courthouse, administrative buildings, and various public institutions, and it has recently welcomed a bustling and diverse array of bakeries, groceries, and retail options. Residential sections extend southward from the five-points intersection, and can be accessed easily by car, bus, or the PATH train.

Top Votes – Score out of 100

Community 75
Dining 69
Public Transportation 69
Singles 69
Safety 63

Lowest – Score out of 100

Seniors 55
Clean 44
Quiet 38
Parking 38
Income 9

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The PATH station here looks like a prison. I guess it was built in the seventies when architects thought people were ants, but still. To me, it stands as a testament to the old-school revitalization efforts that demolished communities, and in this light it sort of looks like a big T – like a tombstone marking where people used to live together. Anyway, that said, I think that influence is waning and new communities of people are moving in and taking over, which is why people refer to Five Corners as “Little Manila”. Overall, I think it’s a fun area with good food, and an exciting bustle you don’t get in other parts of JC.

monica a

As an intersection, Five Corners is one of those nightmares that traffic engineers have during their afternoon naps. It is up on the border between Little India and the Five Corners borough, where Summit and Newark Avenues collide. The immediate area has some cool restaurants and bakeries, and the Five Corner neighborhood spreads out to the south and east of there, with some more good food a bit further down Newark.Stacey A

The Hudson County Community College is located here in Five Corners, just below the PATH station on Sip Avenue. I like neighborhoods with community colleges because they tend to integrate into the community much better than traditional universities, while still offering locals great access to cultural and educational events.jon d