Great Value Holidays Follow Flights to Florida

by nabewise

Great Value Holidays Follow Flights to Florida

Flights to Florida

The Sunshine State houses many of the top attractions in the USA and airlines are competing to see who can offer the best deals on flights to Florida.
With Walt Disney World, SeaWorld and a well-deserved reputation for sand, surf and sunshine, flights to Florida are as popular as ever.

There are always flights to Florida available due to its lucky status as the place for sun, sand and sea, as well as being the home of many of America’s most popular holiday destinations. The state has many airports but the most popular ones are Orlando International Airport, Miami International Airport and Fort Lauderdale International Airport – all of which are very busy throughout the entire year.

Such a Mecca for tourism attracts all the major long-haul air carriers, all of which are anxious to get those tourism bookings with frequent offers or special deals on flights to Florida. The number one airport for holidays to the Sunshine State is Orlando, largely because of its happy status as the most convenient international transport link to the wildly popular attraction of Walt Disney World. The airport’s official code is MCO, which some locals joke stands for Mickey’s Corporate Office.

Orlando is also home to two other major theme parks – SeaWorld and the Universal Orlando Resort. Between them, they ensure that the city continues to be in top five visited cities in the USA.

The sun-soaked Floridian city of Miami is also popular among tourists, and Miami International Airport is the best way to get there – both from inside and outside the US. Miami Airport deals with all sorts of international flights but is reckoned to be one of America’s major hubs for flights to Florida coming in from the bulk of Latin America and the UK.

Coming in third, Fort Lauderdale Airport certainly appears to be the poor relation, compared to Mickey Mouse’s office and the gateway to the magic of Miami. However, Fort Lauderdale International Airport remains a very important hub and is also said to currently be one of the fastest-growing airports in the USA. In fact, the convenient situation of the airport – just 21 miles from Miami itself – means that it is increasingly being used by canny travellers who wish to avoid the hassles associated with the far bigger Miami International Airport, and there are also some excellent deals on flights to Florida which land at the hub.

As is always the case, a reliable price comparison website will give the potential holidaymaker a wide range of choices when it comes to finding cheap flights to Florida – flights from all the best airlines.

You Know It’s Cold in Florida When

Fun ways to know you are cold in Florida.

A Winters Day : Sample picture from Windows Photo Galley.

Pensacola, Florida along with 2/3’s of the nation is under the chill of an Arctic Blast. The local news station Channel 3, WEAR stated this is the coldest winter for Pensacola in 25 years.

Starting on January 2nd with an overnight low of 30 degrees we have had a run of freezing temperatures each consecutive night and each night is colder than the last. This morning the low was 25 degrees. Another front is coming on Thursday with rain and more frigid air as the jet stream plunges deep into the south with more record low temperatures. By this weekend the overnight lows are predicted to be around 17 degrees with highs around 38 degrees.

We Floridians are not use to this type of cold and are having a hard time staying warm. We usually never run our heat this much and our fireplaces are working overtime. So just for fun I have come up with a list of ways to know it’s cold in Florida.


  1. All you want to do is eat, sleep and stay covered up.
  2. Your rye grass is still green but frozen solid.
  3. The lead story on the local news each night is the weather.
  4. You have to drip your outside water until noon each day to keep the pipes from freezing.
  5. You sleep with your electric blanket on high and you’re still cold.
  6. You wear two pairs of socks and heavy boots and can’t keep your feet warm.
  7. You and your husband are fighting over the only pair of long underwear you own. You work out a system to takes turns.
  8. When you let your dogs out in the morning to take care of their business, they refuse to go. I never knew dogs could hold it so long.
  9. The windshield washer fluid in your car is frozen.
  10. You have to learn how to scrape ice off your car windshield. Floridians don’t own ice scrapers.

Bonus way to know it’s cold in Florida : The local weather is predicting a chance of snow with the rain later in the week. Snow in Florida? The only white I’m used to seeing are the white sandy beaches.  I mean really, snow?

On the serious side a cold wave of this magnitude can be dangerous. Try to keep warm, check on the elderly, drip water at night to keep it from freezing and breaking your pipes, cover your tender plants or bring them inside, allow your pets to sleep inside or make sure they have a heat source, take extra care if you are using electric space heaters, make sure your furnace is working safely and properly and always have a  working carbon monoxide detector in your home.

Keep warm and safe and think about the balmy breezes of spring heading our way. Winter has to end sometime, doesn’t it?