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by nabewise

stylish-beach-house-decorating-ideasStylish Beach House Decorating Ideas


When reading a book poolside constitutes a productive day and barbecues are a nightly occurrence, you know it’s summertime. Our lives slow down just enough to take in the sun and enjoy outdoor living. For summer beach homes, it’s no different: decorating rules are relaxed and lightness reigns. These homes are all beach, all the time.

While wicker and rattan are the usual suspects in a beach home, some designers approach the beach house differently, using color, texture and small homages to the sea, rather than a full-on tiki party. For instance, a Celerie Kemble-designed living room features a fireplace trimmed in seashells and natural fiber flooring, for a relaxed but elegant look. This is the Palm Beach approach to vacation homes: traditional and even a little formal, with subtle nods to the beach.

On the other hand, the prevailing wisdom of California beach chic is white walls and neutral furnishings, which puts all the emphasis on sea views and ample sunlight. The rooms are bright and carefree–the epitome of West Coast living.

Even if you’re not headed for a beach house this summer, you can still bring home the sea with nautical stripes, fresh cut palm arrangements and a dose of wicker or rattan. These touches instantly relax a room and bring in summer–something we could all use after this neverending winter.