How to Choose Ski Size

How to Choose Ski Size

by nabewise

HI this is tom from meebo size

one most important parts of finding the right ski and something we get the most questions well lightweight provide an excellent starting point but there's many other factors to consider when choosing the ski

your ability the train or the snow you see on your personal preference general thumbs to pick ski somewhere between mustache and the top of your head you probably know sighs on the shorter side if you're a beginner intermediate skier your weight is less than your average height we like to make quick short time you may want to sighs longerHow to Choose Ski Size

if you are an advanced to expert skier skiing off trail so deep snow conditions hardpack at high speeds crud or your weight is more than your average height you also if you have a ski with lots of rocker will have a shorter effective edge the shorter effective edge makes it easier to pivot in between turns your lack stability at higher speeds so we want to size up to gain that effective bass keep in mind the difference key brands measure length in different ways to one brand maybe longer or shorter and comparison to another now they have a better idea of what's key link to buy you go shop skis by size ranges on


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