Belmont, The Bronx

Belmont, The Bronx


Located just south of Fordham University's Rose Hill campus, Belmont's spiritual and economic core sits on Arthur Avenue. The Bronx Zoo, New York Botanical Gardens, and Bronx Park are all in close proximity, giving residents of this area access to their own slew of recreational options. The area is served by Metro-North and, on Fordham Road, the B and D trains.

Nabe Reputation

Top Votes – Score out of 100

Dining 88
Gentrifying 75
Ethnic 75
Clean 68
Community 67

Lowest – Score out of 100

Nightlife 54
Shopping 54
Parking 54
Pet friendly 50
Income 1

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I love Belmont for 3 reasons.
1. Arthur Avenue- Whenever I’m in the mood for some GREAT Italian food I simply take a 5 minute drive up the parkway and take a quick left onto Arthur Ave and TADAI’m in my own little slice of Italy. In this area every year is the Feast of Mount Carmel which is a huge street fair right along Arthur Ave- there are street vendors, kid’s rides, and games to play. There’s a stage at the beginning of the block for local bands to perform nightly and the parish of Mt. Carmel is open for all visitors to come take a peek at this beautiful Roman Catholic Church. The feast also has some amazing Italian Café’s along its strip. This leads to my second love of Belmont
2. Artuso’s Bakery- THIS IS THE BEST ITALIAN BAKERY ON ARTHUR AVENUE. If you get the chance to stop in here be sure to pick up some Pignoli cookies, some canolis, and bring some cappuccino’s home with you. This place is amazing and is always open and willing to fulfill my sweet tooth.
3. The Tri-Bars- This area of Belmont is home to the Fordham University student’s scene. This area of Belmont- off Arthur Ave- is swarming with college students on any given Thursday, Friday, or Saturday night. The Tri-Bar area derives its name from the 3 bars that are all on 3 separate corners, in the same intersection of Belmont. These bars are called Ziggy’s, Muggz, and Howl at the Moon (commonly called Howl by students). These bars do add to the noise level of the nabe, but they do provide students with a cool college experience. I have friends that attend Fordham and I have accompanied them to these bars a few times; while residents do not like this factor of the nabe I know my friends and I do.

What's awesome

Artuso’s, Feast of Mt. Carmel, Howl

What's not so awesome

Noise level

Helen C.
I’ve never liked college students, but living in Belmont made that distaste so much worse. They are loud and drink too much and urinate in places that are actually people’s backyards and front doors. It amusing but also sad, and on Saturday nights, very annoying. I don’t miss living in Belmont.Paul N.
Whenever my family comes back home to the Bronx we always go to Belmont for dinner. There are countless Italian restaurants, and lucky for us lots of gourmet stores so we can take the flavors home! Aside from that Belmont is a quiet, pleasant community with a lot of diversity. The only thing is the bars often overflow with drunkFordham students and that takes away from the niceness late at night.Josie M.

Belmont has two faces: a college town, and New York City’s premier Little Italy (don’t, for one minute, let anyone convince you that the tourist trap in Manhattan is a Little Italy). Stretching from Fordham Road down to roughly East 180th Street, this neighborhood is a rare find in the Bronx. You will see various walks of life, the very young to the very old, shopping in the small gourmet delis and dining in the world-renowned Italian restaurants.

College kids from Fordham University troll the area at all hours of the day: going for lunches in the cafes in the afternoons and getting completely wasted at the bars into the late night. Crime is not common in Belmont, except for the occasional student who inadvertently shows off her Blackberry and gets it stolen.

The area is quiet. Public transportation is available, but placed sparingly: there is the Bx12 on Fordham Road, Bx17 on Crotona Avenue, and Bx9 and 19 on Southern Boulevard. The buses are spread far apart: which is okay, given that Belmont is ideal for a slow and pleasant stroll. The neighborhood is filled with smells, from freshly-made cheeses to straight-out-of-the-oven pastries. I’d offer recommendations, but find it rather hard to choose a favorite pastry shop.

Community is strong, and there’s a little bit of everyone: old Italian men, Albanian and Hispanic families, and the college students. It’s a good neighborhood for almost everyone, with a hearty appetite!Amelia Z.

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