Bronx River, The Bronx

Bronx River, The Bronx


Bronx River, sometimes considered part of Soundview, West Farms, or Parkchester, is a modest neighborhood near the geographical center of the Bronx. It is home to many apartment buildings and fair-sized, modest homes. The eponymous river flows through the neighborhood, as does the Cross Bronx Expressway. The neighborhood is served by the Bx36 bus, which links residents with the 6, 2, and 5 trains.

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Public Schools
Public Schools 67
Blue Collar 67
Singles 56
Community 56
Safety 56

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Green space 42
Shopping 42
Seniors 33
Families 28
Income 2

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This is another one of those neighborhoods that doesnt exist on a residential level, meaning that if you ask anyone that lives here where Bronx River is and they will likely point you to the nearest semi-large body of water. Bronx River is water.Paul N

I honestly didn’t know that this area of the Bronx had a name until now: many residents just refer to the area as “Rosedale” or by the name of the street on which they live. The neighborhood was actually planned, many years ago, to be developed into a community known as Park Versailles, but those dreams dashed.

The Bronx River waterfront also was home to a recreation hotspot known as Starlight Park, but this also closed as the years passed by. The riverfront is now framed by auto repair shops. The Bronx River Alliance, a non-profit organization, is working to restore the river to its former glory.

The neighborhood is mostly comprised of small private homes toward the southern end and apartments toward the northern end. The Sheridan and Cross Bronx Expressways add a bit of noise and traffic to the landscape, but this is somewhat tolerable.

Dining options are restricted to small restaurants and take-out spots, though nearby Parkchester has more gourmet options (and the elusive Starbucks). Bus service is provided by the Bx36, which connects to the 6, 2, and 5 trains. The neighborhood is average in terms of crime and social problems, and is neither bad nor good in most respects.

Here’s a tip: Residents may also refer to the neighborhood as Soundview or Parkchester. It really depends on who you ask.Amelia Z

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