Brownsville, Brooklyn

Brownsville, Brooklyn


Brownsville, located in east Brooklyn, is a pretty homogenized neighborhood in choice of housing options. Mainly comprised of housing development projects, a recent initiative has taken place to diversify the architectural landscape. Habitat for Humanity recently volunteered its services, building condominiums for forty-one families to revitalize the area. In addition, the building was also constructed with sustainable and energy efficient materials, putting Brownsville on the path to “green” living.

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Pet friendly
Pet friendly 75
Gentrifying 75
Public Transportation 75
Public Schools 50
Quiet 50

Lowest – Score out of 100

Safety 8
Families 6
Seniors 3
Income 1
Singles 0

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I live in Bed-Stuy and first went when one restaurant owner renamed his store “Obama Fried Chicken” for a short while before caving into pressure and changing it to “Popular Fried Chicken.”Jay D.

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