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  • Family Fun in Seattle on a Budget

    See Seattle without breaking the bank.

    Having family fun in Seattle on a budget.

    You're planning a family trip to Seattle and you want the most entertainment for your dollar. Who do you ask for ideas? Locals, of course. Here's a local's list of fun things to do and ways

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  • Cheviot Hills

    Cheviot Hills is a peaceful oasis perched above the bustle of West LA. Featuring heavily wooded streets and large houses with large yards, this nabe offers a slower pace of life uncommon in most of the city. Shopping abounds on Pico Boulevard and residents are likely to be spotted taking …

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  • Beverly Hills

    Uber-upscale designer shopping that easily rivals Manhattan and reality-tv worthy restaurants line the streets in Beverly Hills, one of LA's most well-known nabes. Exclusive residential developments filled with excessively massive housing snake their way into the hills. Beverly Hills is the land of fast cars, snazzy suits, and a level …

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  • Lake Balboa

    One of the Valley's best kept secrets, Lake Balboa is a beautiful and peaceful haven nestled between Van Nuys, Encino and Reseda. With an impressive man-made lake, colorful cherry blossoms, and flat expanses of greenery, many visitors tend to forget they're even in Los Angeles! Take a bike ride on …

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  • Silver Lake

    Silver Lake was a top spot for film studios in the early 1900s (Walt Disney had his first home here), and the nabe’s continued to remain cool into the oughts. Instead of hosting Hollywood’s sprawling studios though, Silver Lake’s changed to be the epitome of present day culutral cool: a …

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  • Best Places to Kiss in San Francisco

    The time is approaching for couples to celebrate the sweet holiday of St. Valentine’s Day. Though each and every day should be special with the one you love, Valentine’s Day is the one day each year which should be even better!

    San Francisco or as the locals would call it, …

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  • Queen Village

    Overflowing with indie book shops, stylish boutiques, and casual spots to eat, drink, and make merry, Queen Village is a nabe made for a modern day Royal Highness. Home to hip restaurants and cool dives along ever-bustling South Street, Queen Village also ensures her residents get their beauty rest, quickly …

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  • Society Hill

    Society Hill holds a sense of charm we thought only existed in storybooks. Lined with cobblestone streets and beautiful brick row homes (many originals from the 18th century!), this historic nabe conjures an almost European sense of sophistication. Society Hill enjoys a seemingly endless supply of old-world romance, yet remains …

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  • Bella Vista

    This neighborhood may be named for its beautiful views of Philly’s skyline, but Bella Vista's residents have tons of eye-catching sights right on ground level. This nabe’s Colonial and Victorian buildings create a sense of authentic historic charm. Often buzzing with festivals and cultural events, Bella Vista is really most …

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