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  • Hobart: Tasmania’s Jewel

    Hobart: Tasmania's Jewel

    Visit beautiful Hobart, Tasmania's capital gem.

    Hobart – Tasmania's Capital is a true diamond. “Tasmania's Jewel – Hobart,” is second in this series of eight articles on Australian Capitals – from the smallest to the largest in population.

    Hobart – Past and Future

    A sparkling diamond of a city, Hobart …

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  • Port Huron Blue Water Area Michigan

    Port Huron Blue Water Area Michigan

    Find out about Port Huron and the Blue Water area.

    Explore the boyhood home of Thomas Edison, and enjoy the beaches and other activities the site offers.

    Port Huron is a city in the state of Michigan. It has an area of 8 square miles and was settled by Europeans …

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  • Paris , The City of Lights

    Paris The City of Lights

    A closer look at Paris.


    The earliest known occupation of what is now Paris was around 4200 B.C. by the Celtic Simons. The Celtics flourished until they were conquered by roman forces in 52 B.C. When the Romans took over they named the city Lutetina. While under roman rule …

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  • A Tour of Illinois – Lincoln’s New Salem Historic Site

    Lincoln’s New Salem Historic Site

    One of Illinois’ more interesting and historical travel destinations is Lincoln’s New Salem Historic Site that offers visitors a chance to stroll through history and get a glimpse of life in 1830’s frontier America as well as the life of Abraham Lincoln where he spent his formative years.

    Located approximately …

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  • The Great American Monuments

    The Great American Monuments

    Explore the amazing great American Monuments such as Liberty Bell,Statue of Liberty, The Shrine of Democracy and The Washington Monument.


    Location:Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

    Number of Visitors: About 1.5 million per year

    Material: 70% Copper, 25% Tin, 5% other metals

    Height over the Crown: 2 feet, 3 inches


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  • Niagara Falls: A Shared Heritage

    Niagara Falls: A Shared Heritage

    The United States and Canada are good neighbors that share many aspects of life and commerce, but only one national treasure, Niagara Falls.

    Niagara Falls is the second largest waterfall on the planet, and it is a true sensory delight with visual impact, exciting sounds, and the sweet smell and …

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  • Top Three Travel Tips When Visiting Sweden

    Top Three Travel Tips When Visiting Sweden

    Summer is getting near and while many travellers go to southern Europe and the Riviera in hope of warm and sunny weather, many people have discovered the vast beauty of Scandinavia. In particular, Sweden has become somewhat of a favourite for Americans visiting Europe.

    This is of course not a …

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  • 10 Spectacular U.S. Cities at Night

    10 Spectacular U.S. Cities at Night
    America's cities are beautiful by day, but the view becomes spectacular and romantic by night.

    Las Vegas, Nevada (Hotel and casino, Paris Las Vegas)

    Las Vegas, located in Nevada, was incorporated as a city in1911. It is known worldwide as a resort city for international and domestic tourists. It is …

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  • Unique Vacation Spots in Northern California


    Traveling to unique places is just a stone's throw away from Granite Bay. Here are three magical vacation spots within driving distance that are perfect for summer.


    If you ever wanted to indulge in a mud bath, now's the time to do it. There are several spas in Calistoga …

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