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  • Lake Highlands

    Texas may be flat, but Lake Highlands is defined by its rolling hills and proximity to White Rock Lake. Drive up and down the streets and you will find a plethora of charming houses and beautiful parks. Established in the early 1900’s, Lake Highlands is home to a tight-knit group …

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  • South Loop

    Though it’s just steps away from The Loop itself, South Loop has managed to maintain a calm generally reserved for the city’s less-central hoods. It’s also the top spot in the city to view gigantic beasts: South Loop is home to famed Shedd Aquarium and The Field Museum (you know, …

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  • Lawndale

    A quiet suburban spot on Chicago’s west side, Lawndale just may be a nabe on the verge of change—new developments have been cropping up in the area lately. If modern architecture isn’t your thing, Lawndale’s also filled with Chicago’s bungalows and greystones. Get fresh eats at the local farmer’s market, …

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  • Oakland’s Hidden Gem

    Crocker Highlands is tucked away in the hilly folds of Oakland–artists, musicians and parents alike live here. Patrick, a journalist/artist and recent Crocker Highlands transplant came from living in the hustle-and-bustle of city life in San Francisco. He is originally from Philadelphia and talks to us (along with his sparkly-eyed …

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  • Demythologizing Major Seattle Attractions

    This post attempts to clear up common misunderstandings concerning what I believe to be three of Seattle’s most popular attractions. The information is absolutely indispensable, and soon to be broadcast to the masses in the form of a public service announcement. You, lucky readers, get it first.

    fish ladder

    The Fish Ladder

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  • YouTube TV

    YouTube TV is a paid membership

    It also includes DVR without storage space limits. In this video we'll show you how to sign up and customize YouTube TV. To sign up for YouTube TV
    from your computer, visit and click on TRY IT FREE to begin the free trial. …

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  • Whittier Heights

    While some may say Whittier Heights is in the shadow of Ballard, locals know better. Off the main streets filled with brand-name shopping centers, Whittier Heights has some fantastic local stores strewn throughout the backroads. Whittier Heights' mostly flat terrain and unzoned residential areas make this nabe easy to …

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  • Shoreline

    Shoreline is consistently ranked as one of the best nabes in the country by everybody who does such rankings. Just north of Seattle proper, Shoreline is close enough for convenience, but far enough out to offer a slower and more peaceful pace of life. This community centric nabe is well …

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