Located along the banks of the Delaware River, Philly is well known for its rich history, dedication to the arts, and its two famous contributions to American cuisine: the cheesesteak and the soft pretzel. Filled with more outdoor murals and sculptures than any other American city, Philly is an art lovers’ paradise–the Philadelphia Museum of Art is one of the largest museums in the country. From the vibrant Bohemian nightlife of Old City to the fine arts and performance centers of Rittenhouse Square, Philly’s got it going on.

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  • Old City

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    Old City’s often what folks think of when they imagine Philadelphia: cobblestone streets, architecture from the 1700s, the Liberty Bell, and a pervading Colonial charm. While this is certainly the spot to see living history (don’t be surprised if you spot a Colonist wandering around!), Old City’s also fully embraced …

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  • University City

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    As the name may suggest, academia is the beating heart of University City—this nabe’s home to numerous institutions for learning (the biggest being University of Pennsylvania). Whether you’re a student, professor, or regular resident, you’ll be sure to enjoy University City’s eclectic spread of shops and restaurants (serving college kids …

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  • Northern Liberties

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    Located just north of Old City, Northern Liberties (or NoLibs for those prone to pet names), is a verdant center of activity filled with bustling boutiques, hip restaurants, and lively bars. With so much defiantly beautiful infrastructure left over from this nabe's days as a manufacturing hub, it’s no …

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  • Cedar Park

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    The trendy hub of West Philadelphia

    Cedar park is a section of West Philly, bounded roughly by 52nd to the west, Larchwood to the north, 46th to the east, and Kingsessing to the south. The neighborhood is diverse, in its residents, its physical appearance, and its dining and shopping options.

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  • Girard Estate

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    For Girard Estate, the adage rings true: “It’s all in the name.” The neighborhood’s benefactor made certain that even the architecture here would distinguish Girard Estate from its surroundings. Strolling through this sleepy nabe of low-trafficked streets, you won’t find the sets of row houses Philly's known for. Instead, semi-detached …

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  • Bella Vista

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    This neighborhood may be named for its beautiful views of Philly’s skyline, but Bella Vista's residents have tons of eye-catching sights right on ground level. This nabe’s Colonial and Victorian buildings create a sense of authentic historic charm. Often buzzing with festivals and cultural events, Bella Vista is really most …

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  • Society Hill

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    Society Hill holds a sense of charm we thought only existed in storybooks. Lined with cobblestone streets and beautiful brick row homes (many originals from the 18th century!), this historic nabe conjures an almost European sense of sophistication. Society Hill enjoys a seemingly endless supply of old-world romance, yet remains …

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  • Queen Village

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    Overflowing with indie book shops, stylish boutiques, and casual spots to eat, drink, and make merry, Queen Village is a nabe made for a modern day Royal Highness. Home to hip restaurants and cool dives along ever-bustling South Street, Queen Village also ensures her residents get their beauty rest, quickly …

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  • Fishtown

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    Once the center of a booming fishing industry (how’d you guess?), Fishtown is now known for its industrial vibe, Irish pubs, and steady rise in popularity. Covered in tightly packed row homes and a few modern lofts, Fishtown totes a trendy-grunge vibe that welcomes in all sorts of folks. While …

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  • Callowhill

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    Once an industrial mecca for large scale manufacturing, Callowhill’s now characterized by old warehouses from another time. Never fear, though—wherever there are warehouses, there are stunning, spacious lofts just waiting to be born. In fact, so many have popped up already that the nabe’s earning a nickname as the Loft …

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  • Washington Square West

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    Awash in cute storefronts, pedestrian-friendly streets, and park space waiting for picnics, the sun always seems to shine on Washington Square West. Like its neighbor Rittenhouse Square, Washington Square West affords all the amenities catering to the hip and trendy, yet the nabe retains a historic, charming, and slightly quieter …

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  • South Philadelphia

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    Philadelphia is known for its colonial history and its cheese steaks. South Philly's one of the best places to find the latter. Better still, restaurants here tend to be the super friendly sort–you know, the kind where everybody knows your name. Filled neither with hipsters, artsy boutiques, nor historic estates,

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  • Pennsport

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    Sitting between hot spot Passyunk Square and the placid vistas along the banks of the Delaware River, Pennsport itself emanates an attitude somewhere in between. Although Pennsport’s streets aren’t known for reaching high decibels, the nabe is not without low key bars and restaurants that locals are proud to visit. …

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