Review of the Great Wolf Lodge in Mason, Ohio

by nabewise

Review of the Great Wolf Lodge in Mason, Ohio

The Great Wolf Lodge is a resort hotel with an indoor water park. Is the hotel what a vacation is made of?

Recently, my family and I spent the night at the Great Wolf Lodge in Mason, Ohio. My aunt and uncle graciously gave us a night's stay at the Great Wolf Lodge for Christmas. This weekend getaway seemed like just what the family needed.

Getting to the Great Wolf Lodge was easy. The Great Wolf Lodge is located next to King's Island amusement park, so my family was clearly aware of how to get there.

Upon arrival, we took delight in the whimsical look of the building. The Great Wolf Lodge appears to be created from enormous Lincoln Logs. My children were amazed by this fact.

As we entered the building, we saw stuffed animals hanging on the walls to achieve an authentic look of the lodge. A magnificent chandelier was in the main lobby. This fabulous light fixture was accentuated by antlers. The fireplace gave the Great Wolf Lodge a warm, cozy feel.

Starbucks were giving away free samples of products. The item tasted great. This vanilla frappuccino reminded me of a cool, refreshing vanilla shake. This really got us in the mood for summer.

Instead of the bone-chilling temperatures of outside, we shedded our coats and sweaters and traded them for our swimsuits. The entire family headed off to the indoor water park at the Great Wolf Lodge. The water was a little cooler than I personally preferred, but this warm atmosphere was beautiful compared to the flurries outside the window. The indoor water park at the Great Wolf Lodge in Mason, Ohio was extremely clean. The staff were very friendly and helpful. I appreciated the fact that the staff kept safety first, but were not constantly hovering over shoulders blowing the loud whistles to get attention.

My only gripe about the indoor water park was that there was not much room to set down your towels or a bag of personal items in the area during the busy time. By the end of the evening, the towels were gone. A brief wait presented us with warm towels, but our family of six had to share and ration three towels. Guests may want to bring their own towels and store them in a locker for a slight fee to reduce this issue.

The hotel also offered shops, restaurants, and an arcade. The children loved the large arcade area. Of course, we played some games and cashed in our tickets for the usual prizes. One item I liked, was that the children could color a free page from the website to receive two free tokens to the arcade. The kids enjoyed the project and daydreaming about the vacation and parents get a couple of free tokens for the children to spend.

The hotel provided story time for kids at 8:00 PM and a movie at 8:30. My older children weren't too impressed with story time, but my five year old son was glued to the presentation. This was a nice way to end the evening for the little ones.

The movie was in the symposium of the hotel. At first, the projector was not working properly, but the staff quickly resolved the issue. We ended the evening before the Muppet movie was over and headed back to our family suite.

The room was spacious for a family of six. The large, comfortable beds were clean and cozy for all. The bathroom was spotless, but the toilet paper left something to be desired.

Our room was fully equipped with a microwave, refrigerator, safe, hairdryer, and ironing board. We appreciated the microwave and refrigerator feature. The refrigerator was perfect for storing leftovers from a nearby restaurant and the microwave made snacking easy and convenient. The hotel sells items such as candy and microwave popcorn for customer convenience.

The Great Wolf Lodge turned out to be a great place for the family. We all had a great time. We will not only cherish the memories of this fun trip to the Great Wolf Lodge, but already anxiously awaiting a return trip in the future.