Matthews Beach

Matthews Beach


This nabe’s namesake freshwater beach is the largest of its kind in Seattle. Matthews Beach is a relatively spacious residential nabe and most houses have large front or back yards. Like a lot of Seattle nabes well removed from Downtown, sidewalks are practically non-existent. There are a few apartments in the nabe, but the vast majority of the housing comes in small to medium-sized homes. Houses on the water are a bit more large and luxurious.

Matthews Beach, Seattle Data : Neighborhoods & Travel – Score out of 100


Families 95
Empty nesters 87
Safety 83
Clean 83
Parking 75


Nightlife 50
Shopping 42
Singles 42
Income 38
Dining 38

Matthews Beach, Seattle Reviews

The largest beach, is quite small

I really like the houses in this nabe, I wish I lived in one, in fact. I also really like the beach, its quite gorgeous. I really do not like how cold the water in Lake Washington is, even in August, but the beach rules. Also, you could walk the Burke-Gilman trail through this nabe to your hearts desire, though it pretty much just strolls through a bunch of backyards. It’s still pretty though. I would raise my family int his nabe, one day…

Aiden C.


adventure folks here think it's cool to be cold

Matthews Beach is one of those places where people do that nutty polar plunge thing and dive into freezing water in mid-winter. Ok, here’s a plus though: Matthews Beach can get pretty boring in the winter (when you get swim or suntan), so this is one day out the year where you can get some wicked good entertainment. Oh my god, the winter bodies, the screams.

Avery K.


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