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  • West Oak Hill

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    As you travel west down 290, the raised highway comes to an end in West Oak Hill. Many hill country farmers and ranchers travel to this thriving city entrance to sell fresh vegetables and flowers, firewood, iron art, hides, rugs, and a variety of countrified knick knacks. This nabe has …

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  • North Shoal Creek

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    North Shoal Creek lives up to its namesake with a location far north of the city center. This nabe is mostly residential. Real Estate's composed of homes built in the 1960’s and newer apartment complexes. A quiet nabe with kind neighbors and convenient retail and shopping options, North Shoal Creek …

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  • Riverside

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    The typical Riverside resident suffers from too-much-to-do syndrome. Ever since the hike and bike trail expanded to the east side, they just can’t resist the scenic route leading them towards music, theater, art, parades, festivals, and food in nearby nabes. Not that this nabe isn’t a cultural center in its …

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  • Lost Creek

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    This nabe to the west of Austin is a suburbanite’s delite: impressive estates and luxurious condos provide the finest in housing for Lost Creek residents. Folks here enjoy tree lined streets, a very active neighborhood association, and friendly relationships with their neighbors. Lost Creek boasts a fine dose of nature …

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  • Downtown

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    Downtown’s jam-packed with things to do, and while it’s as bustling as you’d expect from any city’s downtown, this nabe has managed to escape some of the mainstream overhype that’s often found at a city’s heart. Rather, this nabe is an eclectic combo of everything Austin has to offer—dining, entertainment, …

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  • East Oak Hill

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    East Oak Hill is located in… you guessed it, the hills! Gorgeous homes and stunning views make Eask Oak Hill a desirable location to live. Barton Creek Wilderness Park is located in the middle of the nabe, making it a great little oasis from the concrete jungle surrounding it.The homes …

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