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  • Perth: Pride of Western Australia

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    Perth Pride of Western AustraliaProud Perth, Australia's Indian Ocean Paradise awaits you.

    “Perth: Pride of Western Australia,” is fifth in a series of Web pages dedicated to Australian Capital Cities, from smallest to largest, in inhabitants.

    Perth: Australia's Indian Ocean Paradise

    Perth, Australia's most Westerly Capital City is Australia's only major Indian Ocean port.  …

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  • Discover Dynamic Darwin

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    Discover Dynamic Darwin
    Australia's Brazen North Port calls you to quests.

    Darwin – Australia's Brazen Asian Port City beckons intrepid and timid alike. “Discover Dynamic Darwin,” is first in a series of eight articles on Australian Capitals.

    Thank-you Stephen  and Rob  for the images.


    Darwin, Northern Territory, Australia, Kakadu National Park


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  • Hobart: Tasmania’s Jewel

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    Hobart: Tasmania's Jewel

    Visit beautiful Hobart, Tasmania's capital gem.

    Hobart – Tasmania's Capital is a true diamond. “Tasmania's Jewel – Hobart,” is second in this series of eight articles on Australian Capitals – from the smallest to the largest in population.

    Hobart – Past and Future

    A sparkling diamond of a city, Hobart …

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  • Adelaide: South Australia’s Siren

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    Adelaide: South Australia's Siren

    Adelaide calls you from across the seas with wonderful wine and adventures.

    Adelaide: South Australia's Siren, is fourth in a series about Australian Capital Cities, from smallest to largest in population.

    Australia's Free City

    Adelaide was founded in 1836 to counter the transportation of convicts. Adelaide is regarded as the …

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