Don Jose’s

Don Jose

In Don Jose's an authentic smell spreads through the air. You breathe the delicious scent of the food. Then you look up and see a bowl of warm nachos in front of you.

You stick out a hand to get one and then you realize there are two bowls of salsa. Unable to decide which salsa would be better you decide to try both. The taste is wonderful. The smell, taste, and atmosphere are making this a very joyful experience. Your bowl of chips is empty and your stomach is still only half-full. You still have the urge for more food.

Appetizer and Lunch

A waiter swiftly comes with a mouth-watering salad; you pick up a fork and dig in. The lettuce crunches in your mouth as you bite down on them. You look around and see other people eating many different things. The enriching smell over takes you as you look at your plate. You see an enchilada overflowing with seasoned meat. You take a bite and the taste almost makes you drool. The chefs must have taken forever preparing this for you. Then you realize the main course came to you in about fifteen minutes. You just shrug it off and continue your meal. Only half way done with your main course and you are stuffed like never before. After you finish with the enchilada, you notice a taco to the side. You take a several bites, and before you know it, the taco is gone. You yawn and slouch in you chair. You breathe in the aromas of the different spices. You realize that you cannot manage one more bite only to discover you have ordered dessert.


Your eyes virtually pop out of your head. Your thoughts of being full vanish. You smell chocolate and ice cream blending together. You see a chocolate taco with ice cream and whip cream piled on top of each other. You grab your spoon and start shoveling the desert down your throat. You pick up the chocolate taco and bite into it: ice cream, whipped cream, and chocolate melt into your mouth. The mouth-watering dessert is gone in a snap. Then you slouch back into your chair feeling sleepy. Then you hear a waiter saying that the bill is ready.


You slowly, oh so very slowly reach across the table. You grab a little black book. Then you open it slowly. You wish you had not eaten so much. Based on the quality of the food and the speed at which it arrived, this is probably going to be an expensive restaurant. Sweat rolls down your cheeks. The numbers on the check blur in your excitement. Then you come back to your senses. You look at the total and sigh. By some miracle, your appetizers, main course, and dessert were only twelve dollars!


Like many restaurants, this could be one of the most enjoyable moments of your day with the atmosphere and delicious food. An additional benefit to eating here would be the ability to converse in Spanish with your waiter. It is not often you get this opportunity and, as the entire staff is Hispanic, they can cheerfully brush you up on your Spanish speaking skills.


At Don Jose, you get distinctly quality food at an amazingly affordable price. The tables are against the wall giving the restaurant a spacious feeling. If you wanted to, you could even eat outside on a patio. The waiters there are very friendly and provide fast service. The only down fall would be that the waiters can be hard to understand at times. They speak fluent English. What makes them hard to understand is their accent. This can cause confusion and sometimes mixed up orders.