Hawaii – The Island Who Keeps on Growing

Hawaii - The Island Who Keeps on Growing

There’s nothing like basking under the warm sun and feeling your cares drift away in a beach especially if that beach is located in the Aloha State of Hawaii.

Hawaii is a state made up entirely of islands. It is known as the “Paradise of the Pacific” because of its beautiful beaches with palm trees, exotic flowers, beautiful mountains, thick rainforests, breath taking cliffs and canyons, deep blue seas and majestic waterfalls.

It was said that volcanoes from the bottom of the ocean formed the islands of Hawaii. The Kilauea volcano was the most popular volcano of the island. It rose above the surface of the sea as an island and has been erupting ever since. A popular legend embraces this volcano, and that is the The Legend of Pele the Goddess of Fire.”

Pele was the volcano Goddess described in ancient Hawaiian chants as “She who shapes the sacred land.” Pele was passionate, volatile and capricious. Her father sent her away from Tahiti because of her hot temper. She would always quarrel with her older sister who’s the Goddess of the Sea, so Pele left the island with a canoe and went to Hawaii where she made many fiery volcanoes. Her older sister followed her and every time she made a volcano, her sister would flood the fire to put it out. The two sisters came into a very big fight and Pele died. It was believed that her spirit lives in the Kilauea volcano and is still known for her violent temper. Some say that if you take her volcanic rock (lava), she would put a curse on you.

The Kilauea volcano, throughout its life has erupted from three main areas, the summit and two rift zones. Eruptions along the east and southwest rift zones have built ridges, but most explosions are non-explosive and just sends out lava flows slowly down the slope. The eruption had been continuous and the lava flows from that eruption forms new land. Because of this, the island of Hawaii is continuously growing.


Guy Hogan

Jan 6th,

I’ve seen several specials on public television about Hawaii. What a fascinating place. If I only had the money to visit and I wasn’t afraid of flying. Thank you for the article and the images.


Jan 6th,

yes thats really a amazing place


Jan 6th,

Looks hot, i thought my place is hot enough.
Nice place, one day must visit..


Jan 6th,

Amazing post…nice work….


Jan 6th,

Great entry and pictures:)

Christine Ramsay

Jan 6th,

A fantastic place. I would love to visit. Good work.


ken bultman

Jan 6th,

Love the legend of Pele.


Jan 6th,

I love reading legends about land formations. Thanks for this super read.


Jan 6th,

“Kilauea volcano” pretty heavy one and yes as always a legend write from you,Thanks for letting me know! 🙂


Jan 6th,

so, the beautiful ismalnds of Hawaii is courtesy of the volcano.. wow…! I just hope our mayon volcano forms a floating island in the clouds.. hehe

Greg Seltz

Jan 6th,

I wanna go so bad!


Jan 6th,

Hawaii is definitely a beautiful place to visit and the beaches are lovely. I sound like Pele, passionate, capricious and with a bit of a temper. Maybe Max can tame me:) jajajajajajaja.

CA Johnson

Jan 6th,

I really enjoyed learning about this. Great job and thanks for sharing.


Jan 6th,

Didn’t know about the curse. Learn something new every day.

Shirley Shuler

Jan 6th,

Such a beautiful place, I would love to visit, thanks for sharing!

B Nelson

Jan 6th,

I was there as a kid but didnt enjoy it as much as I think I would now. Thanks for the info.

Anuradha Ramkumar

Jan 7th,

It’s really fascinating. I have never been to this place.

PR Mace

Jan 7th,

Thanks for the interesting information. I have always hoped to visit but we just can’t afford it.


Jan 7th,

A terrific write! Thanks for the share and that last picture is crazy!


Jan 7th,

wow… World is truly beautiful… keep it up

Inna Tysoe

Jan 7th,

It is an amazing place.

Thanks for that,



Jan 7th,

Really an amazing place..

Eunice Tan

Jan 7th,

Truly amazing

Netty net

Jan 7th,

I like Hallawell pretty neat ha

Anamika S

Jan 7th,

Marvelous Pictures! It makes me want to spend my retitement life there.


Jan 7th,

Nice Article I really liked the way you have presented your ideas. Hope the same kind of writing in future.

Priyanka Bhowmick

Jan 7th,

very interesting n amazing fact….gud to learn abt it,,,gr8 article..thnx

Patrick Regoniel

Jan 7th,

Interesting as always Alma. 🙂

Lee Ness

Jan 7th,

Amazing and that volcano and oceans so blue and calm.
I wish I was there already just relaxing and feeling the sun shine and warm breezes and the food must be good there too.
Thanks for a lovely trip in my mind there as I read it.
Sincerely Lee Ness

Hazel Crowther

Jan 7th,

Looks hot, a nice write.


Jan 7th,

Stunning pictures, magical place, great work!


Jan 7th,

Beautiful Islands.. I can’t believe there’s actually an Island who keep on growing because of that Volcanic activity. Very unique phenomenon indeed.

Francois Hagnere

Jan 7th,

What a wonderful article Alma, especially in the heart of winter here!
Thank you so much for sharing this paradise with us.
Very best wishes.


Jan 7th,

gr8 informative article i wish i could visit it some day thxs for the share alma.

athena goodlight

Jan 8th,

Great info and nice pictures! I would love to see those someday.

deep blue

Jan 8th,

That’s one nice legend retold. Well done, Alma.


Jan 8th,

revisiting, hope to visit hawaii someday.


Jan 8th,

fantastic..like it^^


Jan 10th,

It really does keep on growing.
Thank you for sharing this Alma. Some people are adventuous too, rowing past the heat and thing.


Jan 10th,

interesting post….awesome work..

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