zenni optical promo code

zenni optical promo code

Zenni Optical. That’s the first and best reason to shop online at Zenni. Prices start at seven dollar, and don’t exceed fifty. They offer a variety of styles, from kids’ to aviator to full rim glasses. Sales lower the prices , zenni optical promo code 50 off

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    Why Zenni Optical is Best

    With so many people in need of eyeglasses these days, there is no limit to the number of frame and color combinations. Getting new glasses (or your first pair) shouldn't have to cost upwards of one hundred dollars. Sure, the options at the doctor office are cute, but do they really have to cost so much?

    Not at Zenni Optical. That's the first and best reason to shop online at Zenni. Prices start at seven dollar, and don't exceed fifty. They offer a variety of styles, from kids' to aviator to full rim glasses. Sales lower the prices even more, and the lenses can be corrected to the right prescription. Whether in need of bifocals, reading glasses, or glasses for everyday use, the price is right at Zenni. Wayfarers, avaitors, and cat eye glasses frames are just a few of the options that are available for under fifty dollars.

    Another reason to shop at Zenni is their frame fit. When looking through the different kinds of frames, there is a small window on the screen. Customers can upload a picture of themselves. When a pair of frames is chosen, they appear on the picture. This offers a preview of what the frames will look like on their face. Customers can discern in a moment if the frames will do them justice or if they'd better look at another pair. This also allows a flattering color to be chosen so that the customer won't be self-conscious about their glasses, whether it's their first pair or twentieth.

    The third reason in this merry list of reasons is the customer support. The department has broken the frequently asked questions into eleven sections: frame fit, prescription, lenses, frames, sunglasses, ordering, payment, shipping, returns, gift cards, and how to. The topics include questions such as 'what does my prescription mean' and 'how do I tighten rimless glasses' and everything in between. Also on the FAQ page is the information to send a fax or call the company, and the times that are more likely to have a fast answer or a way to leave a message for the company to reply to. In addition to this, there is an online chat function. Though an email and name must be provided before the online chat can begin, it is also available for after hours shoppers who are doing a little research. Customers can even track their order to know exactly where it is in the process, and if it has shipped yet. A page to check gift card balances is also open for customers to check when they are curious about if they have any money on a redeemed gift card.

    A fourth reason to shop Zenni is that an order can include the accessories that all glasses wearers need. A customer can order cases and cloths. For those that don't need the glasses all the time, but like to keep them handy can order glasses chains and cords to keep the glasses handy twenty four seven. The cases are made of cloth and draw closed for quick access. The cases come with a cloth as well, which makes it even easier to order everything needed to take care of glasses without spending a bucketful of money. Even sunglasses for those that don't have prescription glasses are sold through Zenni.

    The final reason to shop at Zenni is the material the glasses are made of. Everything from metal to plastic to somewhere in between is used to make the rims of the glasses. For those who are allergic to some types of metals, hypoallergenic rims are available. Stainless steel for easy to clean rims is also an option at Zenni. A unique option available is titanium, for the original and out of the ordinary personality.

    Among the five topics, everything leads to a quality company. Zenni Optical is concerned with the customer. The customer service alone shows that, with the many hours that the office is open to call to the online chat service talked about earlier. However, the many style, color, and rim options open the floor for hundreds of tastes to be satisfied at a fraction of the professional cost. Zenni will give quality and affordable products.