By Nabewise

hi guys welcome back to my channel so today's video is all about the Nordstrom sale that is happening right now through June 4th

so I really want the anticipating doing this video at all but I was on the website and I saw so many things that I really liked but I didn't even place an order cause like no I don't need you and then we ended up being at the mall the next day yesterday it was a Saturday and I ended up getting a decent amount of things so as you can see here I have some stuff but the sale of the field is so good at 40% off and these are like really good name-brand stains and I just I don't know I could pass without

so I wanted to do a video about stuff that I got I'll link everything down below and I'm also gonna be showing you guys some things that I didn't buy I'll just insert some pictures they're just really really good deals some of them are bags some ones I don't know I'll just show them to you but they're just stuff that a lot of like fashion bloggers sometimes talk about and I just think they're really good at yield so if you happen to be interested again I'll link those down below as well but if you do happen to be new year than hello my name is Shea and I would love for you to consider subscribing below by hitting that red buttonI do put out 2 to 3 videos every single week ok

so let's just get started I think I'm going to start with the clothes I have 3 pairs of shoes and I will try everything on so you guys can see the full effect and everything and like I said I'll also be incidents and pictures other things as well but let's just start with the clothes that I bought I don't even know what first let's just start with this shirt it's just so pretty the color I love the color it's like this really silky soft it's kind of like you know the long-sleeve but it's kind of like a sweatshirt style shirt but I don't know if I know it's summer and obviously this probably went on sale because the season really isn't in right now but for some reason in the summer months even though it's really warm there's a lot of places that I go that are like in the evening that it might cool down at night or it's the summer

so we're going somewhere inside and then they just pump the air-conditioning like crazy so it could be like 80 or 90 degrees outside but inside it's like 60 and I'm just like freezing so for some reason even in the summer I like to have long-sleeve shirts too so I love this shirt it is so just like shiny bronzy and I can imagine like a really really good like bronzy lipstick with this too and i just especially love the color so you know you can put the sleeves up a little bit and I just think I'll get a lot of wear out of this you can even wearing it with shorts would look really good it's going along the same lines I also got this reversible bomber jacket and I love it I love it I love it so I love this color it's kind of in the same family as the last shirt but it is like this you know not metallic but it's just kind of a nice Sheen to it and I love how it's reversible so it's definitely like a summery look something

I could throw on in the summer just to keep warm but then also you can you know obviously change it to the black so that will be just good for whatever because black obviously it goes with everything so I just absolutely love this jacket I saw online when I was looking and I was like that was this was one of the things that was like I really really want this and then I ended up seeing it in store and when I link everything down below you can obviously see the prices I don't remember the prices of everything or else I would tell you right now but everything is 40% off so the prices are really good so yeah really happy about this one and then the other clothing item

I got are these green like army green jeans and they just fit me perfectly so I wasn't really looking for army green jeans or anything I mean I love this color a lot I do know it's kind of more like a fall color but for me I just love this color so I really don't care when I wear it but for me for some reason when it comes to jeans I feel like jeans just technically seem to run a little bit long because I think the companies try to make them that way so that if there's people a little bit taller you know they fit them perfectly but then people like me who are like 5 5 5 6 so jeans are a little bit long but you can like roll them up at the bottom and I have to do that with so many of my jeans I feel like I'm an average height but for some reason it's really hard for me to find jeans that are just soft at the perfect level unless I pay like $300 get them hemmed in it you know it's just I mean it happened I'm not saying I can never find games like that but it's rare that I find jeans like that so when I try these on they stop at the perfect length ankle

so when I wear shoes with this bike heel door or whatever doesn't have to be heels they just it'll just make the outfit looks so much more polished I guess so anyway I'm really excited about these okay so now we're going to move on to my three pairs of shoes so I got a little crazy with the shoes but that's okay alright so these I just I don't know I liked them when I saw them as my I put them on it just like seal the deal for me so these are the Vince Camuto heels I love the blocky chunky heel but then it does lace up and I love the color I just feel like it's such a nice neutral color and I don't know when I put them on my foot I feel like they just made I don't know it's made such a difference I love them so I definitely was really happy when I scoop these up I've been kind of looking for this kind of a shoe like not gladiator but you know what's the detail and everything I've been looking for this kind of shoe for awhile but I don't know sometimes the color is not right or the detail is not right or they serve too high they're too low but this one it fits a bill for me exactly

so I was really happy that I got a good deal on them and then let's see the other two and the next ones are pair of sandals and thereby start oh and so they're just really easy casual flat slider sandals and yeah so I just want to put them on my foot like these look super basic but I just think that they'll kind of like dress up an outfit not like crazy but there's still you know very casual easy to wear but there's still a little bit dressy with the shiny gold and I love old so much

so I just really think this will you know make it really easy for me in the summer to kind of throw on when I'm running out the door but still look really really nice and the last pair of shoes I got I didn't expect to get these at all it's not like like I really was not going in there to get this kind of a pair of shoe like at all but when I saw them I was like oh maybe I'll just try them on see if they look like and then I said nice but I'm like I think I don't really wear these a lot because I love my converse sneakers I wear my black and white ones all the time but when I saw these ones I just feel like they look so nice and they the kind of time is like plasticy material it sounds weird but but yeah it looks like it's kind of like cotton gray material plastic and not plastic canvas II I don't know but it's not going to you know get wet or dirty the rain will kind of repel off if you know what I mean but anyway sometimes I think I wear my converse a little bit too much and I want some other colors or varieties to them and this isn't they're not converse but I still think that I'll be able to you know it's neutral I'll be able to wear them with a lot of outfits just to really you know be on the casual side s

o again I really wasn't looking for anything like this but I think I'll get a lot of wear out of them and again for the price and everything you couldn't be it so those were the things I picked up yesterday it wasn't like crazy but they were six different things so I thought I walked in there not expecting to get anything and then I came out like two really big bags but the other things that I do want to mention that are on sale that I think are it's just awesome is especially just one bag now I don't know if you guys like Chloe handbags but I've been like getting on a kick with Chloe I don't have any Chloe bag but I really really do like them and there's the Chloe Dru bag that everyone's been talking about and that particular bag is on sale for this you know half year sale at Nordstrom

so I'll insert a picture and everything and link it down below but it is this really nice nice like blue suede and leather bag and it's on sale buy like I think it's almost 600 or $700 off the normal price so that is amazing if I was actually going to take the plunge and buy that bag now would be the time to do it I still don't know if I'm going I probably won't buy for this fails because I'm not really sure I really want the bag but I know there's probably some of you out there that really do and I'm telling you like now is the time you're going to get it maybe maybe get it now like I said this sale does go through June 4th I don't know if that bag will make it he'll do in force because I feel like a lot of people are going to snatch it up with this sale but I just want to let you guys know there's also a lot a lot of Tory Burch Rebecca Minkoff Marc Jacobs things there's just a lot of nice designer items that are on sale that they're just really nice and I especially like wallets and like phone cases even like cake based phone cases I love her phone cases I was going to buy one yesterday but the one that I want only online it's not actually in my store in Pittsburgh so I ended up not getting it even though I was kind of secretly hoping that I was going to see it but it wasn't there and then yeah like I said there's just so much on that website so I highly recommend going there and you know

if you want to save some money on some really nice designer brands and not have to be designer brands but even just brands that Nordstrom was normally carries there I just over the last few years I've really really started to love shopping at Nordstrom because I feel like the quality of each brand they bring into their store is just really good like I rarely ever leave there and you know have something for a while and think the quality is not good like everything that I buy there is just on on par so anyway I want to talk about one other thing and this is actually at Nordstrom Rack so this has absolutely nothing to do with the Nordstrom half year sale however it does kind of have to do with Nordstrom because at Nordstrom Rack guys want to show you guys in another video like a few videos back I talked about these shoes that I purchased I did buy them from Nordstrom and I've been loving them there are these beautiful Calvin Klein mules and I seriously have been wearing them almost every single day they are so comfortable if they stay on your feet so well I think they're so on-trend

I'm just really really happy that I purchased these ones and I didn't like go as far as to purchase the Gucci ones the Gucci mules everybody loves I don't know you know in a way I'm wearing these so much I guess maybe that would have been the worst thing in the world because I am getting a lot of wear out of these however this was like these were originally I think 118 dollars but I did notice on Nordstrom Rack these are on sale for $69 so it's like way way cheaper it's like 40% off as well so I will link that down below as well because I've got so many comments on that video that I posted um about how you guys love these so if you guys you know like them and want to buy them I just highly recommend going to Nordstrom Rack and getting them there and saving 40% on them so anyway

I just wanted to mention that really quickly since it kind of had to do with Nordstrom anyway that does it for this video I hope you guys kind of enjoy this quick little video but anyways if you've any questions let me know but otherwise thank you guys so much for watching and I can't wait to see you guys again soon