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  • Secret’s Out: Interview With a Southie Native

    A lifelong City Point resident and owner of Clair Anne’s Flower Shop, Clair tells us about the highlights of City Point.

    How much has the neighborhood changed in the past few decades?

    It’s unbelievable. When I was your age and I worked at Gillette, they didn’t like South Boston. They …

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  • Most Expensive Homes Villas Around the World

    We’ve already discovered the most outrageous Beverly Hills homes, the coolest lofts, and the most expensive ranch houses, but if you’re now looking for your next home to purchase, we’ve done the shopping for you. Among the most expensive homes on the market, we’ve picked the 10 most luxurious villas …

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  • Main Street District

    This nabe is the heart of Dallas, simply put. One of the first to undergo redevelopment, Main Street now glimmers with refurbished highrises and historic storefronts. Comparable to Manhattan's midtown, some of the city's most famous buildings are found here. Downtown, Deep Ellum, and Victory Park are just a stone's …

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  • Belmont

    Belmont is a neatly built mix of historical “bungalow” homes and low rise apartments. Just minutes north of downtown, the area shares its restaurants and nightlife with Lower Greenville but offers a somewhat quieter way of life. Construction can be seen occasionally, but all in all this nabe has been …

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  • North Admiral

    Sitting atop a bluff in West Seattle, North Admiral hosts a warm community home to some of Seattle’s oldest families. This nabe is served by an array of parks–think big acreage and great views of the Seattle skyline. North Admiral's downtown is covered in cute commercial spots and awesome historic …

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  • Cedar Park

    Slower to develop than the rest of the city, Cedar Park is a lakeside nabe that still maintains some of that old Seattle charm, especially in the areas close to Lake Washington. The houses nearer to the lake are larger and more luxurious than those that are a bit further …

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  • Avalon Park

    Once a swamp, some of Avalon Park’s homes still stand on stilts meant to protect them from the long-gone bog water. Now a pleasant, residential, and dry nabe on Chicago’s south side, Avalon Park also holds the smaller nabes of Marynook and Stony Island Park within its borders. A stroll …

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  • Montclare

    This northwest side nabe may have been haven to Chicago’s top mobsters back in the day, but now all that remains in Montclare from the underworld are the beautiful Tudors and Victorians bosses once called home. Real estate here runs larger than most urban residential nabes, making Montclare much more …

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  • Government Center

    Government Center is a bustling weekday nabe located smack in between Beacon Hill and the North End. While it's not the most aesthetically pleasing area of town–rather sad, institutional concrete buildings make up City Hall Plaza–it's the home of Boston City Hall, two Suffolk County courthouses, several state and federal …

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