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  • Visit Martha’s Vineyard

    Visit Martha’s Vineyard

    The quiet, picket-fence-lined streets of Martha’s Vineyard make it a favorite vacation destination along the East Coast. The Vineyard boasts over 80 lodging options, a rather impressive number for a small island community. As you’re contemplating which of these Martha’s Vineyard hotels, motels, inns and resorts to choose for your …

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  • Top 10 Glaciers in the World

    Top 10 Glaciers in the World

    Glaciers are the largest and biggest source of freshwater on this planet. They are formed when snow falls at a very fast rate and condenses to form a sheet of ice. This post is the 1st part of Top 10 Glaciers in the World.

    Hubbard Glacier

    The Hubbard Glacier is

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  • Hiking Johnston Canyon

    Hiking Johnston Canyon

    In the Canadian Rockies, you’ll find this enjoyable hiking trail, full of photo opportunities, in South Western Alberta.

    In southern Alberta, just to the North West of Banff, and within Banff National Park, there are three terrific hiking opportunities, all at the same spot.

    Johnston Canyon offers a wonderful hike

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  • Restaurant Week in Houston, Texas


    Restaurant Week in Houston, TexasSeveral local restaurants are teaming up to help fight hunger in Houston.

    Restaurant Week is an annual event in Houston, Texas.  It was established in 2003 to help fund the Houston Food Bank in fighting hunger.  Food lovers can enjoy a three-course gourmet meal for under $35 per person …

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  • Discover Dynamic Darwin

    Discover Dynamic Darwin
    Australia's Brazen North Port calls you to quests.

    Darwin – Australia's Brazen Asian Port City beckons intrepid and timid alike. “Discover Dynamic Darwin,” is first in a series of eight articles on Australian Capitals.

    Thank-you Stephen  and Rob  for the images.


    Darwin, Northern Territory, Australia, Kakadu National Park


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  • Perth: Pride of Western Australia

    Perth Pride of Western AustraliaProud Perth, Australia's Indian Ocean Paradise awaits you.

    “Perth: Pride of Western Australia,” is fifth in a series of Web pages dedicated to Australian Capital Cities, from smallest to largest, in inhabitants.

    Perth: Australia's Indian Ocean Paradise

    Perth, Australia's most Westerly Capital City is Australia's only major Indian Ocean port.  …

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  • Adelaide: South Australia’s Siren

    Adelaide: South Australia's Siren

    Adelaide calls you from across the seas with wonderful wine and adventures.

    Adelaide: South Australia's Siren, is fourth in a series about Australian Capital Cities, from smallest to largest in population.

    Australia's Free City

    Adelaide was founded in 1836 to counter the transportation of convicts. Adelaide is regarded as the …

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