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  • Riverway Estates

    Humble Riverway Estates lies between Mesquite and Dallas. A far cry from the mostly suburban landscape of Dallas, this nabe is a quaint area of older homes and hush streets. A low traffic area, this nabe is noticeably calmer than the two bustling cities it lies between. The people of …

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  • Buckner Terrace Everglade Park

    Buckner Terrace Everglade Park (whoo, what a name!) is a residential nabe in East Dallas. Similar to nearby Pleasant Grove, this area has many modest homes. There’s an interesting mix of houses here—half are economical, cookie-cutter homes, while the other half are smaller, older homes with mature trees decorating the …

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  • Midwest Scenic Train Rides for the Family to Enjoy

    The Midwestern United States has several scenic train trips for a vacationing family to enjoy. Each train ride is special in its own way and showcases the history or landscape of a region.

    Come aboard these scenic trains when you are visiting the Midwestern United States.

    Lumberjack Steam Train

    Lumberjack Steam Train, Laona,

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  • Auburn Gresham

    A classic residential Chicago nabe, Auburn Gresham sits on the city’s southwest side, 9 miles from The Loop. Residents here tote a great deal of neighborhood pride, expressed to its fullest at their annual Renaissance Festival each September–Chicagoans from all over come to see the fun. Traditional real estate (bungalows …

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  • Riverdale

    A far south side post-industrial nabe with close ties to West Pullman, Riverdale is most well-known for Altgeld Gardens, a 1,500 unit low rise housing project where President Obama was once a community organizer. Almost a city within itself, Altgeld Gardens houses its own schools and medical facilities. Like most …

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  • Eating for Free at Walt Disney World

    Walt Disney World is offering free dining. How exactly does this work? Is this a good deal? Compare free dining to other offers to see how much you would or would not save.

    Disney is offering one of the most sought after promotions of the year: Free Dining.  But what

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  • How to Do Washington, DC in One Day

    On a rainy spring Saturday, we did a whirlwind tour of the “must see” sites and had a wonderful time.

    First time visitors to Washington, D.C. will inevitably discover that there is more to see and do in this great city than their schedules can possibly allow.  Indeed, the city

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  • Nine Bare Necessities For Your Day at The Beach

    It is summer and time to hit the beaches. The last thing you want to do is resemble your Grandma carrying everything except the kitchen sink. Here are some great ways to keep you cool and hip.

    Travel Light with the Basics

    Sundress or Sarong

    Ladies, this is your chance

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  • Cobble Hill

    Wedged between Cambridge and East Somerville, Cobble Hill is an itty bitty nabe forging the border between Harvard's nerds and Somerville's hipsters. It's a low key nabe with some industrial smatterings and apartment buildings housing hordes of struggling undergrads. Cobble Hill boasts a park and a fairly well known …

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  • Must See Events at the Finger Lakes of New York

    These are seasonal events not to be missed at the Finger Lakes of New York.

    The Finger Lakes of Upper State New York are home to many scenic, winding roads that ultimately lead to the area's most treasured tourist attractions — its wineries. Many wine lovers flock to the Finger

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