How to Choose Ski Rocker Type

How to Choose Ski Rocker Type

By Nabewise

hi this is jordan form EVO

that all skis have full camber from tip to tail as many combinations rocker and camber and each ski manufacturer has its own name for each i'm going to walk you through some of the more common types of rocker and camber help you understand

which one is best for you let's start full traditional camera never means the middle of whiskey is raised up off the snow the contact points to the snow as close as possible to the tip camera requires a more precise turn initiation it gives you more power on harder so when the ski is weighted if even pressure from tip to tail on the edge for great edge bolt and more pop rocker also called reverse camber is just as it sounds it's camera turned upside down because of the turn-up shape rocker is ideal for floating soft so as it helps you rise up out of the snow on hardpack skis this also makes the ski easier to initiate a turn and a much more maneuverable and generally


you see rocker on a wider ski is designed for powder but look out for all-mountain skis are seized carpets combination of rocker and camber give you the best of both worlds we refer to as rocker / camber is a ski that his rocker in the tip with camera underfoot and in the tail rocker tip provides flotation stops know it makes the ski less catchy on heart so while the camera throughout the rest of ski is going to provide great edge contact edge control and power this is a very common profile on all mountain skis or big mountain skis where power is still another common profile and combination of rocker and camber is referred to as rocker camber rocker just like rocker camber and rocker in the tip camber underfoot but

now you get the addition of rocker the tail as well this is going to make this ski a lot more versatile it's ideal for power steering system forward and switch park skiers who like a buttery or playful ski or beginner to intermediate skiers who just wanted very easy turning ski not going to be grabbing the tip for the pale this profile is ideal to if you're gonna have one ski to do it all as it really can't handle everything manufacturers offer multiple types of rocker and camber pairing different amounts in length of rocker camber and even flat sections suit a wide range of skiers there's no one right type of rocker and when in doubt it's best to get a combination of

now that you understand some of the main types of rocker shops use my rocker type on