By Nabewise

Goldsmith is a laid back suburban nabe tucked in between Virginia Village, University Hills, and Hampden. Midcentury houses and tidy yards line this nabe's quiet streets, with a variety of amenities and apartments sprinkled in for good measure. Goldsmith's convenient freeway access lets residents zip into the city in just under 20 minutes, making it an ideal nabe for commuters who prefer a more low key lifestyle.

Goldsmith Data
Top Attributes
  • Seniors
  • Safety
  • Empty nesters
  • Quiet
  • Community
Lowest Attributes
  • Public Transportation
  • Shopping
  • Income
  • Singles
  • Families

Goldsmith Articles and Reviews

Average Joe

I wish I could think of something interesting to say about this nabe but it’s really not coming to me. The homes are average and dated. There are some strip malls and doctor’s offices. There are several mid-rise, old motel looking condominiums that continually have a “leasing now” banner running across them. That’s pretty much the gist of it.

Christine S.


Commuter's Paradise

This nabe is great if you want a place to sit back and relax at the end of the day and then get up and take the lightrail to work in the Tech Center or Downtown.
There are a large number of doctor’s offices in this nabe and it has some interesting little restaurants alongside your standard chains. The homes here tend towards the 50’s ranch styles and 70’s split levels but they are generally very well maintained.
Parks, trails, Cherry Creek, and other outdoor pursuits can be enjoyed just a quick walk away. The access to these ammenities makes this a great nabe for dog lovers.
Apartments and townhomes are available for the single set, retirees and empty nesters. And let’s face it. The access to all those doctors is pretty nice, too!

What's awesome

oasis in the sand, doctors everywhere, parks and other outdoor pursuits nearby, lightrail

What's not so awesome

older homes

Niki G.


Suburban, and not much else

There’s nothing wrong with Goldsmith, but there’s nothing outstanding about it either. This nabe is pretty convenient because there’s a good amount of local restaurants down the street from any given house, but unfortunately there’s no real “village” or “main street” here. It’s also right off the freeway, making it easy to visit and easy to take a day trip into the heart of Denver.

What's awesome

Kinda dig the groovy 1950s/60s houses

What's not so awesome

Pretty boring

Liz W.