Hackensack River Waterfront

Hackensack River Waterfront , NJ

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The Hackensack Riverfront, an increasingly scenic stretch of nabes along the water, is poised to burst with grand-scale development. It currently offers an almost-done greenway promenade that is planned to stretch from Bayonne to Secaucus, beautiful views across the river, and multiple transit options. Don't be surprised if this is the next “it” spot in Jersey City.

Hackensack River Waterfront, Northern NJ Data : Neighborhoods & Travel – Score out of 100


Shopping 81
Parking 75
Blue Colla 75
Families 73
Empty nesters 67


Community 50
Clean 44
Singles 38
Nightlif 38
Income 19

Hackensack River Waterfront Reviews


I’m always a little skeptical of developments with names like “Society Hill” – which is where Droyer’s Point is located. The condos look nice – they call them “Gardenhomes” to add that extra something – and so do the views, the tennis courts, and everything else seems well-thought-out and polished. I suppose If you like the feel of living in a planned community then it’s a great place.

monica a.


Good Shopping

I always confuse the Hackensack Riverwalk with the Hackensack Waterfront. I think the Riverwalk is a greenway that extends from Bayonne up through Lincoln Park, but I’m not sure if it’s done yet. Which would mean that the “Waterfront” is a collection of smaller neighborhoods on the water west of Greenville, like Droyer’s Point. But still a lot of the area retains much of its old industrial charm, like up in Croxton. Basically the area between Droyer’s and US-1 is all shopping centers and shipping yards, so not so scenic. But I hear from time to time of people thinking about developing it more, as there is a lot of space and it does have some pretty nice views across the water, especially if you like looking at Newark…

Coco P.


Some good spots

The Hackensack Waterfront is truly diverse. Its population is pretty evenly quartered between black, white, asian and hispanic, and its development is truly mixed, with plenty of residential, retail, and industrial buildings. I like it because it’s pragmatic, convenient, and not overly hip. It also has great views and is relatively safe. Might not be the cheapest place in Jersey City, but you get what you pay for around here

jon d.