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Why You Should Buy Vacation Packages, Hotels, Flights, and Car Rentals at

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Instant Notifications
Tracking the bids you place on Priceline is far easier than you may assume. The company has developed a revolutionary tracking system that displays acceptance or refusal of your offer as soon as the hotel or airline makes a decision. This system includes instant email or text message notifications. Sign up for these notifications and your cell phone will let you know as soon as a bid is approved, no matter where you are. This speeds up the haggling process by allowing you to make multiple bids in one day, securing a lower price by shopping closer to your travel dates.

Quality Control
Saving money on travel doesn't mean you have to stay in low quality hotels or rent cars from unknown companies. Priceline works with all of the biggest names in the travel industry to ensure you always have a great experience. When bidding for air fare or purchasing a Last Minute Deal, you will not know exactly which company is offering the service. However, the company lists nearly all of the hotels, airlines and rental companies that they work with on their website. You will be flying with one of the top world airlines no matter how much you save. Once you've paid for your reservation, the details are all revealed.

Most travel discount retailers only offer hotels and air fare. Priceline is among the few that can also offer you deals on vehicle rentals and packages containing cars. These aren't the only special features that this company has available. Families planning a full vacation can find discounted options for the most popular attractions and activities as well. Purchase discounted admission to your favorite theme parks, historical sites and walking tours while picking a hotel and air fare. Packages including attractions or events tend to save shoppers the most and make planning your vacation very easy. Deals and discounts on both local and international cruises are also available.

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