Schuylerville, The Bronx

By Nabewise


Schuylerville, quite possibly the most difficult Bronx neighborhood to pronounce, is a small enclave situated between the Bruckner Expressway and the Hutchinson River Parkway. At its anchor is East Tremont Avenue, which runs alongside St. Raymond's Cemetery. The neighborhood has a very suburban appeal and is famous for its pizza. It is served by the 6 train.

Top Votes – Score out of 100

Dining 67
Safety 67
Clean 67
Nightlife 67
Families 63

Lowest – Score out of 100

Shopping 58
Singles 54
Public Transportation 50
Green space 50
Income 10

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Some brief things about this place:1) Thanks, Ameila (below) for adding the pronunciation to this place, which took me many years to get a handle on. It’s really not all that intuitive of a name, at least in English.
2) This place, if you like to drink and walk up and down otherwise-quiet streets, is pretty special. They have many bars, so if you like to drink, schuylerville woudlnt be a bad place for you.

Paul N

Schuylerville, a Bronx neighborhood that many can’t pronounce (for the record, it’s Sky-ler-ville), is considered by many to be part of Throgs Neck or Pelham Bay. The neighborhood, however, has a few of its own characteristics that separate it from those to neighborhoods.

First is its suburban style. Contrary to Pelham Bay, the subway is quite far and there aren’t as many retail options. In comparison to Throgs Neck, an expressway doesn’t slice through the neighborhood, but rather borders it at its ends.

Second, is the style of homes. There aren’t many apartments in Schuylerville, most of the residential space is lent to modest homes with beautiful gardens.

Third, is the lack of public transportation. The area was formerly served by the Bx8 and is now served by the Bx5: both buses stop running quite early. The Bx40/42 down at Tremont run all night but infrequently once the late night rolls in. Compare this to Pelham Bay with the 6 train.

On its own, Schuylerville has a good selection of bars and restaurants along East Tremont Avenue (and bordering St. Raymond’s Cemetery). Nightlife is not a problem, making this a good neighborhood for singles. It is also a good place for families, with its quiet suburban lifestyle and low crime rate.Amelia