Stop and Smell the Flowers: Niagara Falls

By Nabewise
Niagara Falls

Take time to see things that you can when you are in different places. You will be surprised at how healing new experiences can be. You will be surprised at how much you end up learning about yourself every time you do something new.
I just recently returned from training for a potential job opportunity. The training took place in Canada. The training experience overall was difficult and I learned quickly that it is not the right opportunity for me, however, I had never been to Canada before and my hotel was only 10 miles away from Niagara Falls.

While I was sort of feeling deflated by the experience and was only going to go back to the hotel on the last day and watch television, I spoke with my father and he suggested that I go try to see the sights in the area. I worried at first about the money, but am so glad that I did it anyway.

I did not realize before that Niagara Falls is considered one of the new natural wonders of the world, and it truly is a wonder. If you ever take the time to go, there are many things you will love about it.

First of all, there is a walkway along the entire sight. There are two prominent waterfalls there that you can view. During the day, even if it the temperature is hot, the spray from the falls will keep you refreshed and naturally air conditioned.

Nearby is Falls Avenue, it is the main tourist attraction strip. You will be able to find everything from Haunted House attractions to a Wax Museum. Even more fun, the Wax Museum's gift shop has a section where you can get a wax molding of your own hand!

While I was there, there was a cute older couple who was holding hands and having a wax mold made of their hands together. It was incredibly romantic and touching. The twinkle in their eyes was a memory I will forever cherish in my heart.

There are plenty of tourist shops, restaurants, and even a large Ferris wheel. In one area there was a nice outdoor seating area where visitors could be entertained by a live guitarist singing beautiful love songs. I sat for a long while in this area peacefully watching birds dip and glide around the falls.

It was recommended to me to stay until the sun set. People told me that they light up the falls. It was worth the wait. They lighted it up with a wide array of colors everything from purple to green and sometimes many at the same time. It was a magical experience. I would not have had this powerful experience had I dwelled in my disappointment and the bad experience I had had.

This experience taught me that sometimes some of the most incredible things can come out of even the most difficult of times. Keep your head up, your heart light and stay open to the positive energy and love from others and your life will always be filled with the most beautiful, moving moments life has to offer.