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By Nabewise

www.zennioptical.com review

Moreover, Zenni optical offers many more features that you can add to your new eyewear. For small fees, you can add such extras as premium anti-glare coatings, tinting, including sunglasses tints, fingerprint resistant coatings, and water repelling coatings. Those that wear bifocal lenses can choose between the traditional or progressive types of lenses as well. Chances are, any features you can purchase at a brick and mortar optical store are also offered by Zenni optical

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While it may seem difficult to shop for glasses without trying them on, Zenni optical even makes this easy. First, they describe each pair of glasses they offer so that you can get a feel for the frames. Next, you can upload a picture of yourself and virtually try on any pair of glasses in their store. The site includes several how-to videos that will teach anyone how to properly size each pair of eyeglasses, so you are sure to get a proper fit.

Zenni Optical offers prices that other optical store, both brick and mortar and online, cannot beat. Better yet, their products are well-made and have various warranties against manufacturing errors. You can even get half priced frames to replace broken ones if this becomes necessary. Zenni Optical is a great company to purchase your eyewear from.

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