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Bloomingdales is a chain of fashion departmental stores and focuses on distinctive, upscale fashion merchandise. It embodies the epitome of style and luxury. bloomingdales 10 off , bloomingdales discount code

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    Bloomingdales is a chain of fashion departmental stores and focuses on distinctive, upscale fashion merchandise. It embodies the epitome of style and luxury. It is owned by America's multinational corporation, Macy's. The Bloomingdales flagship store is on Lexington Avenue, between 59th and 60th street. This hundred year old, iconic shopping experience of New York City has become a national chain today. Bloomingdales is original, innovative and a leader in upscale fashion retailing. It has become a visitor's attraction for tourists coming from all over the world. It has 41 stores and 4 outlets. There is everything under one roof, from clothing, to accessories, handbags, home furniture, kitchenware, watches and wedding gifts. Look for coupon codes on this page to get discounts on your purchases.


    The History Of Bloomingdales

    Two brothers, Joseph and Lyman Bloomingdale, made a modest beginning in 1861, selling hoop skirts in lower east Manhattan. They opened their first store at Third Avenue, New York city, in 1872. In 1886, they moved uptown to Lexington Avenue. Splashy ad campaigns on billboards, wagons and beach umbrellas, successfully brought people to the store. Gala events and shows were organised to create a niche clientele. In 1978, the Bloomingdales by Mail catalogue was launched. It helped in expanding the store's reach to households all over America. In 2010, Bloomingdales opened in Dubai. It is their first store to open outside America and showcases the latest and most desirable brand portfolio.


    Carrying On The Bloomingdales Brothers' Dream

    Bloomingdales has positioned itself as an authority on upscale, contemporary fashion. With latest styles from the hottest brands, it truly is “like no other store in the world”. It offers a unique shopping experience to its customers. From established, mainstream brands to young, rising designers- the shopper has endless options to choose from.

    Bloomingdales Strives To Strengthen Customer Relations

    The stores pride themselves on exceptional customer amenities as well. From offering personal shopper facility, to flamboyant lounges and fitting rooms, international visitor centres and exclusive events, Bloomingdales knows how to strengthen customer relationships. You can also put Bloomingdales in your palm and shop anytime, anywhere. With mobile applications, customers have a digital key to the flagship store. It has an enduring international reputation. The emphasis is on distinctive products and exclusivity. At Bloomingdales, the retail turf is shared equally, by designer labels and mid-priced products. . Bloomingdales provides an enhanced international shopping experience for its overseas customers, in association with Fifty-One, a global e-commerce company. International shoppers get the benefit of viewing product prices in their own currency and get cost effective shipping at no additional charges.


    Bloomingdales Philanthropy Program

    Bloomingdales believes in giving back to the community, with continued efforts to investing in a better future. It runs a philanthropy program called “b: cause”, that gives customers a chance to make a positive change. It organises awareness programs and raises funds for causes like aids and breast cancer research. Bloomingdales employees support, befriend and tutor young children and organise charitable events in association with the Help U.S.A. mentoring program.