How to use a Travelocity promotional code

By Nabewise

Hello today we are going to learn how to use a Travelocity promotional code


first you'll want to go to Nabewise calm where you can find a ton of coupon codes for all of your favorite retailers there are various ways to get to the Travelocity page either by hovering over coupons in the navigation bar and selecting retailers from the drop-down menu or you can use the search box which is the easiest way to find any retailer on Nabewise let's use the search box i'm going to type Travelocity into the search box and notice that a section for retailers comes up with the Travelocity listing as you will see clicking on travelocity will take me directly to the Travelocity coupon page

as you can see there is a variety of coupons on the Travelocity page so all you need to do is scan through and choose a coupon that would best fit or online order so at the moment

travelocity-pageI am looking for a hotel in New York City to go on vacation preferably around Times Square and this coupon looks promising so let's try it out clicking on peel for code will take me to a loading screen with the promotional offer code and then onto the Travelocity website now we can start shopping for hotels at the screen you'll want to put in your check-in and check-out dates the number of rooms you're looking for plus number of guests once you have done so go ahead and click search now it looks like there are a number of hotels that are available so


I'm going to scroll down and choose one that seems right for me hmm I like how this hotel has a five happy face rating and it's in time square west so I think I'll go with this one


I'm going to click on select hotel where it will take me to the room right screen from here you can review room rates view photos of the hotel and maps of its location I'm pretty confident in my selection so I'm going to click on book now I'm going to skip over the customize your trip screen and scroll down to continue and now we are at the checkout review screen this is where I will apply my Nabewise promotional code in the box that says I have a hotel promotional code you can either type in the code or right click and hit paste since the code was copied to my clipboard when I selected it now i'll hit apply and now if we go to the review the price section we can see that $25 was subtracted off of our total bill from travelocity calm thanks for watching and remember to always check back for more discounts coupons and promotional codes for your online purchases at Nabewise calm take care