how to book a flight on expedia

how to book a flight on expedia

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how to book a flight on expedia

first go to  next choose what you want to do book a flight a hotel a car and so on I'm going to choose book a flight

I now have three options to choose from round-trip one way and multiple destinations next I need to fill in the name of the departure airport then I choose my airport Chicago then the destination airport next I need to fill in the departure date let's see july first and the return date the returning date will be automatically the same with the departure date but let's say that I want to get back a week after the departure date I'm all done and now I click search I'm now redirected to a page where i can start choosing my flights first i need to select my departure if I scroll down I see all the choices that i have i will keep scrolling so that you can see how many of them there are very many options if i scroll back up i see that here on the left side i have various possibilities to filter my results so that i don't see as many i can filter by how many stops the flights will have non stop at one stop i can filter by airline so choose one or more airlines that

I prefer or by departure time morning afternoon evening to minimize the number of results I will choose for example morning if I want to leave in the morning as I clicked on the filter called morning the results have already been refreshed and now I see flights that leave between 5am and 11.59 pm I also have the possibilities to order the flights by price duration departure time or arrival time price lowest seems convenient enough for me and

so now i can pick my flight looking at the options let's say that i will pick this flight leaving at ten after ten and driving at 2pm three hours and 50 minutes it's a non-stop flight looks good enough so to pick this flight i click on select after I selected my departure flight I'm being redirected to another page where I get to select my return flight so here on the top of the page I can see my selected departure united airlines three hours and 50 minutes non-stop and the price i scroll down and I see the the options that I have for the return flight again same filters on the left side and I can order by the same filters pride duration departure and arrival times as you can see on this page instead of the price for every flight option I have plus and then an amount this amount will be added to the price of the departure and together they will make the entire price of my flight filtering by price lowest i see that the cheapest option would be for me to pick one of the flights that have plus zero as a mount so let's say that I want to take the flight leaving at 1.50 p.m.

I click select and I'm being redirected to a page where i can review my trip here I see both flights that have selected I can look at the flight and baggage fee details for each of my flights if I want to I can change the flights now if I click this link I will return to the page where i can select the departure flight and then the return flight but I'm not interested in that so I'm going to scroll down and click on continue booking once I've done that I need to fill in my personal details who is traveling first name last name phone number passport gender date of birth I'm notified that i can cancel my flight for free within 24 hours of booking and I click on continue bugging expedia also offers driver insurance which I am NOT interested in purchasing at this time I then need to fill in the payment details and after I've done that I must not forget to enter my email address this is the email address where the booking confirmation will be sent now is the time for the last quick look at the trip details which

I have on the right side of the page however if I made a mistake I can cancel within 24 hours free of charge after clicking complete booking I will have booked my flight once the flight has been successfully booked I will receive a confirmation email from expedia please let us know your thoughts and questions in the section below thank you for tuning in and don't forget to subscribe to our channel for more[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]