Packing Light with Organized Luggage

By Nabewise

Packing Light with Organized Luggage

Organize your luggage without special compartments or extra pieces. A few simple tricks will help you prepare and pack your clothes and other supplies quickly and conveniently.

Keep your bag organized without extra luggage pieces or special containers. Pack your bags easily and neatly using a few tips to help you choose and arrange your luggage to create space and protect your items from damage or accidents.

Organize Toiletries

You don’t need a special bag for toting around your bath and shower supplies. A snap pillowcase holder will do perfectly for a mini toothbrush, toothpaste, small shampoo, and other bath and makeup supplies. For overseas travel, carry powdered supplies instead of liquids, such as dry shampoo, so you can carry as much as you need and still meet customs regulations.

Water Bottle

Use an empty heavy-duty water bottle to pack small items like Kleenex packages, Band-Aids, Q-Tips, or other “loose” articles. The water bottle not only serves as a storage container during packing but can be washed out and used to carry drinking water with you during your stay, so you can avoid expensive vending machines when you’re thirsty.

Fold-Over Clothes

Use a clear or white trash bag as a convenient protective cover for business or formal wear. If the clothes are folded with travel hangers already on, cut a hole at the top of the bag and drape it over the garments. This takes up less space than a thick garment bag but keeps your clothes safe from dirt or spills during travel.

Towels and Bulk Items

Place any bulky items, like a towel, an empty tote back, or a folded blanket at the bottom of your luggage instead of rolling it into a tube. The flat folded item will compress more easily than the rolled one and take up less of your valuable packing space on top.

Shoe Heel Protectors

Keep spiky heels from tearing or scratching your luggage by tucking a sock over each heel. Use an old sock to protect your mini travel iron from scratches by using it as a cover. For more packing space, tuck folded or balled-up socks into empty shoes and other small items like gloves, folded ties, or handkerchiefs.

Whatever the distance or the occasion, a little extra effort in packing can mean the difference between luggage in disarray and a light, organized bag. Find creative ways to fill your suitcase without running out of room or risking the safety of your possessions.