Throgs Neck, The Bronx

By Nabewise


Traditionally isolated, Throgs Neck's solitary quality is emphasized since it's such a stark contrast to the rest of The Bronx. The nabe is home to a range of homes, beach clubs, and waterfront condominiums. Throgs Neck's suburban nature and relaxed character give residents the sense during the summer months that it's not New York they are living in, but somewhere distinctly more Californian.

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Pet friendly
Pet friendly 94
Community 75
Nightlife 75
Dining 73
Safety 70

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Shopping 60
Seniors 58
Public Transportation 55
Quiet 50
Income 10

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I went to a yacht party here long ago, and realized very soon after getting there that I wasn’t cut out for yacht parties. Too stuffy, too much champagne. Too many sports coats and blazers and spoiled children with expensive rings. I didn’t like Throgs Neck very much.paul

Throgs Neck has great nightlife! There are so many bars and clubs along East Tremont Avenue…even the restaurants have great bars and nightly events. It’s a lot of fun to come here and walk the length of the avenue just to see what’s going on. There are also a lot of dance academies, gyms, and small stores with a ton of products.

Closer to the water, Throgs Neck has beautiful homes that make you feel like you’re in a rich area of California! Lifestyles of the rich and famous for sure!Josie M

Throgs Neck is the name given to a large portion of land east of the Bruckner Expressway and Westchester Square. It is a peninsula, decorated by its namesake bridge.

It is a neighborhood that ranges from lower-class public housing options to waterfront mansions. One may seem deterred by this, but the neighborhood as a whole remains safe and congenial. The “projects” are quite out of the way, as are the ritzy mansions along the Sound. As a result, there is nothing to be afraid of.

Given the neighborhood’s distance from the subway, Throgs Neck maintains a suburban feel. Its long, flat roads stretch out almost endlessly into the sunrise. It is a neighborhood better suited to drivers, although it is crossed by a few bus lines, including the Bx40/42 from Westchester Square.

East Tremont Avenue, the area’s main drag, is home to a variety of family-owned Italian restaurants. Also in the area are a choice selection of Irish bars, with charming names such as the Wicked Wolf. There are also a few nighclubs that have recently opened, which attract a mature yet attractive crowd.

The neighborhood is also home to several Catholic schools, and public schools, including the behemoth known as Lehman High. The neighborhood is not exactly cheap, but far cheaper than anything found in Manhattan or western Brooklyn.

The neighborhood can best be summarized as “down-to-earth”. Expect no pretentiousness, but rather a blunt sense of honesty, as illustrated by the “FOR WOMEN ONLY!” fitness club on TremontAvenue.Amelia Z