Lenox Hill

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A finely manicured pocket nabe in the Upper East Side, Lenox Hill lives up to the UES rep: primarily residential and incredibly pristine streets that boast Upper Manhattan’s sophisticated vibe. Residents here enjoy local shops and eateries, but the best draw of this nabe by far is Central Park: NYC’s green oasis makes up the entire western border of Lenox Hill. With Hunter College inside Lenox Hill’s borderlines, students are also a common sight in this nabe.

Top Votes – Score out of 100

Dining 88
Safety 88
Empty nesters 81
Seniors 79
Shopping 75

Lowest – Score out of 100

Singles 50
Quiet 50
Families 38
Community 33
Parking 25

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Lenox Hill- My Second Home

As a student in this nabe I must say the environment has kept me pretty happy these past few years. Yes there really isn’t anything too exciting in this small little nabe, but it fulfills my hours that I spend in school.

It also provides me with a very safe school environment- something my parents loved when I decided to go to school in the city- and also gives me great food spots to check out during my breaks. Make sure to hit up Alice’s Tea Cup which is on Lex and 64th street. There are also a few Starbuck’s in the area, and a Sprinkles just opened up on 61st and Lex. If you’re looking for more upscale shopping you belong over on Madison Ave. where you’ll find stores like Yves St. Laurent, Juicy Couture, and Armani. But if, like me, you’re looking for more affordable shopping you can travel either Uptown to 86th Street or Downtown to 59th Street and shop at more affordable places like H&M.

The portion of Park Ave in this nabe is really uneventful except for the awesome green space between each stretch of a street. Other than that its just straight office buildings and apartments.

What's awesome

Hunter College, Shopping, Food

Helen C

Architecture & Nature creates a lovely Portrait

Lenox hill has an abundant amount of townhouses, on tree-lined blocks, that stuns with it’s architecture. The Pre-War buildings along 5th ave combined with the trees from Central Park, creates this classic charm with a perfect balance between people and nature

What's awesome

Central Park, Townhouses, Museums

What's not so awesome


Maxwell J

Students and Upscale Residences

I went to school around this nabe, and at first glance it seems indistinguishable from the upper west side on park, mad. & fifth. But there is more to this nabe; you’ll find great cheap eats as well as fancy restaurants. This nabe is economically diverse and hosts more than a couple schools. Thus during the day you’ll see plenty of students mixed in with the older crowd that primarily resides in this nabe.

This area has the posh homes of the Madison and Park avenue sort, and all the accompanying necessities. There are plenty of upscale restaurants and shops in this area, and you can find lots of luxury in Lenox Hill.

There is a big student community in this area, especially considering the great number of schools here. There is also some very fashionable shopping here, including Polo and Oscar De La Renta.

Try to make time to stop into the Frick, and hit the Post House for Dinner.

What's awesome

shops, homes, park

What's not so awesome


Richard H