Marble Hill, The Bronx

By Nabewise


Simultaneously a member of two boroughs (seriously, residents are listed in both Bronx and Manhattan phone books) Marble Hill is a curious enclave filled mostly with single-family homes. Residents find Marble Hill's proximity to Manhattan super-convenient. Marble Hill is served by the 1 train and Metro-North.

Top Votes – Score out of 100

Public Transportation
Public Transportation 79
Shopping 79
Empty nesters 70
Seniors 68
Public Schools 67

Lowest – Score out of 100

Singles 50
Nightlife 42
Quiet 31
Parking 25
Income 4

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Why I Love Marble Hill

the small residential community that lies atop Manhattan is one of the most intriguing geographic anomalies in the city. It’s both Bronx, and Manhattan. Some buildings sit on the BX/MH divide. (Living room in Manhattan, bathroom in the Bronx?) and it is very quiet, but close enough to Manhattan, shopping, fun, and a hospital.

I’ve lived here for close to a year, and I never have to worry about safety or loud neighbors.

What's awesome

Proximity to manhattan, major shopping is right there, a quick walk to Inwood Hill Park, and gorgeous views of the river

What's not so awesome

The thugs that sometimes hang out on 225th and Broadway. There are rarely issues involving police, but still, I’d rather not have to see like ten young guys standing around looking aimless.

Tony G

Were I the one creating this site, I would definitely move Marble Hill to Manhattan, because Manhattan is really where it should be. Its a nice place, in any case, but its very hard to actually find a place here in which to live. People tend to sell their houses directly to others and skip the whole broker phase.Paul N

Marble Hill is Manhattan but it feels and looks like the Bronx! There are projects but also a few nice parks and an excellent shopping center called River Plaza (not an original name lol) with a Target, Starbucks, and many other chain stores.

The neighborhood itself is loud and busy but it’s fairly safe and a decent place in which to reside, I would argue. Getting downtown is easy with the 1 train and Metro-North if you want classy service!Josie M

Marble Hill has a Starbucks. One of the few Starbucks outposts in the Bronx… I think that can pretty much summarize what Marble Hill stands for. Its proximity to Manhattan (scratch that—it IS Manhattan) makes it a prime candidate for development. Recently, a massive shopping center opened up with a Target, an Applebee’s and all kinds of stores that even I am not sure exactly how many there are.

The neighborhood is mostly known for its massive housing development, the Marble Hill Houses. They are tall and a bit intimidating, but provide plenty of green space. Further west, there are more apartments and a large high school complex.

The neighborhood is loud, with the elevated 1 train crashing through at all hours of the day, and the heavily trafficked Broadway Bridge is always emanating noise for one reason or another. However, Marble Hill’s convenience can’t be beat. There are plenty of bus lines available, as well.

Nightlife is somewhat non-existent, but Riverdale, Kingsbridge, and Manhattan provide this. There are also decent dining options, but better options can be found with a quick bus or train ride in almost any direction.

Marble Hill is a great neighborhood for those who want to be in Manhattan, but don’t want to be IN Manhattan, if you know what I mean!Amelia Z