Punta Minitas 34 in Casa De Campo

Most Expensive Homes Villas Around the World

By Nabewise

We’ve already discovered the most outrageous Beverly Hills homes, the coolest lofts, and the most expensive ranch houses, but if you’re now looking for your next home to purchase, we’ve done the shopping for you. Among the most expensive homes on the market, we’ve picked the 10 most luxurious villas from around the world that will take your breath away.

Hacienda de la Paz in Rolling Hills, California for $53,000,000


For a cool $53 million, a beautiful villa in Southern California can be yours. Highlights include 25 bathrooms and an indoor tennis court—which doubles as a ballroom—flanked by marble columns and balconies.

Enigma Mansion in Cape Town
Enigma Mansion in Cape Town, South Africa for $30,000,000

The Enigma Mansion in Cape Town, South Africa houses an Olympic-size pool, a 3D cinema, and a gym. But if you’d rather stay in bed, that’s okay too, because iPads control everything in the house. Should the $30 million price tag be too high, settle for the $19 million mansion in the Dominican Republic, complete with a 16-car garage and oceanfront views.

And if another home isn’t enough to satisfy, the villa in St. Barthelemy has several bungalows to choose from, all with bedrooms facing the sea. Dropping the $21,105,395 sounds like a pretty sweet deal.

But that’s not all. Scroll through the slideshow above to see all 10 of our favorite homes in the world, villa edition.


Bodrum Mansion in Bodrum
Bodrum Mansion in Bodrum, Turkey for $26,525,199


Gan Aden in Castle Rock
Gan Aden in Castle Rock, Colorado for $10,000,000


Punta Minitas 34 in Casa De Campo
Punta Minitas 34 in Casa De Campo, Dominican Republic for $19,500,000