Old Howard Beach, Queens

By Nabewise


Old Howard Beach, often associated with Howard Beach, borders John F Kennedy Airport on the east side. This affordable suburb is close to the water, while still being near all the amenities. Old Howard Beach has Long Island charm in a cultured Queens neighborhood, without the Long Island drive to Manhattan.

Top Votes – Score out of 100

Families 83
Community 81
Dining 63
Public Schools 63
Green space 63

Lowest – Score out of 100

Safety 25
Clean 25
Seniors 13
Income 13
Singles 0

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A Sub-Nabe on the east Side of Howard Beach

Old Howard Beach is simply a sub-nabe of Howard Beach, separated from New Howard by busy Cross Bay Blvd. Old Howard Beach is on the east side, the airport side, and the houses here are more affordable. Many of the homes are converted summer bungalows built on pilings or concrete slabs. In terms of community, Old Howard is mostly multi-generational, and residents say they see very few new neighbors moving in. Most of the recreational life here revolves around the water, with lots of fishing, sailing and even crabbing. Crossbay Fishing Station rents boats ($60 a day on weekdays, $70 on weekends). And although there is practically no nightlife to speak of, there is no shortage of restaurants, primarily Italian cuisine.

The main downfall of this nabe, however, is its proximity to Kennedy Airport and thus the noise contamination. Plus, being on reclaimed land makes it prone to severe flooding. Furthermore, the subway ride into Manhattan can take nearly an hour during rush hour.

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